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Mice tourism in Egypt: top destinations

MICE tourism in Egypt offers an array of opportunities. This travel category associated with the business world (which derives its name from the English acronym Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) is making significant inroads in the country, and that’s why we’re dedicating this post to it.

An Ascending Sector

MICE tourism in Egypt is experiencing a significant surge. The nation has made considerable investments in all tourism sectors, enhancing communication infrastructure, expanding transport connections, focusing on the training of professionals, and increasing its promotional activities in international markets.

And MICE tourism is among the most benefited sectors as a result, with tangible outcomes. The best testament to this was the selection of Sharm El-Sheikh as the venue to host COP27, namely, the UN-sponsored Climate Change Conference. A global event that drew thousands from all around the world and tested the organizational capacity of this destination. The outcome was overwhelmingly positive across all metrics: security, hospitality, services…

Top MICE Tourism Destinations in Egypt

Many of the destinations best equipped for MICE tourism in Egypt are located in the Red Sea area. The aforementioned Sharm El-Sheikh, situated in the south of the Sinai Peninsula, is probably the most prominent city in this regard. Its proximity to the international airport, with flights coming from numerous destinations in Asia and Europe, as well as a wide variety of hotels boasting auditoriums and convention centers, plays a significant role.

But Sharm El-Sheikh isn’t the only testament to the effective MICE tourism in Egypt, nor even just in the Red Sea. Along its mainland coast, other significant destinations like Hurghada can be found, as well as smaller locations heavily focused on events. El Gouna is worth mentioning, whose resorts not only host business meetings but also private celebrations like weddings.

Of course, the capital, Cairo, also plays a significant role in Egypt’s MICE tourism. This metropolis, home to about 10 million residents, serves as a benchmark for the entire African continent. Hence, it’s often chosen to organize top-tier events in this geopolitical area, ranging from finance to political encounters, sporting events, cultural gatherings, and many more.

In the near future, the new administrative capital, known as New Cairo, which is being constructed approximately 40 km east of Cairo, will be added to the list. This city will boast numerous imposing official buildings.

The Mediterranean area and the Nile Delta should also be taken into account, given their dense population and proximity to the European continent. Here, Alexandria stands out as the city with the greatest capacity to host business events, in sectors as diverse as agriculture or religion, given the historic array of faiths present in the city.

Beyond these, there are other cities which, despite having more limited MICE infrastructures, can host significant sector-specific events due to their importance in a particular activity. For instance, the city of Suez for the logistics sector (because of its strategic canal), Aswan for everything related to hydraulic engineering (owing to its iconic dam), and Luxor in terms of archaeology (because of its abundance of ancient monuments).

As you can see, MICE tourism in Egypt offers vast opportunities. And while Egipto Exclusivo focuses on leisure and cultural trips, we can assist in obtaining the necessary services for such experiences. Don’t hesitate to contact us if that’s your need.

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