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COP Sharm El-Sheikh: the 26th Climate Conference in Egypt

Egypt is facing one of the greatest organizational challenges in its recent history: the Sharm El-Sheikh Sharm El-Sheikh COPor 27th Climate Conference. It is, because of the magnitude of this global event, but also because of the transcendental moment in which the planet finds itself, in the midst of a climate emergency. In this post we tell you some important details about the event and remind you that if you are going to attend it, our agency can help you in many aspects of your trip.

Why the POPs in Sharm El-Sheikh

That the United Nations has chosen Sharm El-Sheik as the venue for the 27th Climate Conference in 2022 is very significant. Firstly, they have done so because Egypt and this city in particular have already demonstrated their ability to organize events of this type. Sharm El-Sheikh’s hotel capacity is very large, as is the presence of auditoriums and meeting rooms to accommodate the intense program of both official and informal meetings.

And without a doubt, Egypt’s position of vulnerability in the climate crisis make the choice of Sharm El-Sheikh make perfect sense. Low rainfall and rising temperatures further stress the country’s already weak environmental balance, which is so dependent on rainfall in the White Nile and Blue Nile.

Where COP 27 will be held

Although the whole city of Sharm El-Sheikh will be turned upside down to host COP 27, the epicenter of it all will be the Sharm El-Sheikh International Convention Center (SHICC), one of the largest convention centers in the Middle East and Africa. This will be the so-called Blue Zone, but it will be complemented by the so-called Green Zone, a public-private space designed for more informal meetings between NGOs, young people, entrepreneurs, etc.

All this from the perspective of sustainability, with electric and gas mobility for travel between areas, environmentally certified hotels and high standards of recycling and reuse, among other aspects.

Our agency, your solution

If you are coming to the Sharm El-Sheik POPsWhether as a participant, as a professional service provider (journalist, interpreter, etc.) or in any other capacity, you can contact Egipto Exclusivo for whatever you need: from private transfers to the organization of excursions and experiences in the Red Sea or in the rest of the country.

Attend the Sharm El-Sheik COP 2022 could be a perfect occasion to discover Egypt. For example, the Sinai Peninsula, where this coastal city is located. But there are also other regions to which you can travel comfortably from the city’s international airport: Cairo, of course, for a visit to the
Pyramids of Giza
or the mosques of the capital, but also with stopovers to other cities such as
to enter the Valley of the Kings or Aswan.
to start a cruise on the Nile.

Contact Egipto Exclusivo and make the most out of the opportunity offered by the Sharm El-Sheik COP 2022.

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