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At Egipto Exclusivo, we specialize in organizing yoga and meditation trips, specifically designed for pre-formed groups, yoga and meditation instructors, and spiritual groups. Our extensive experience and professionalism allow us to select the best locations in the country and provide the highest quality services for trips of this nature.

Discover Egypt from a Dahabiya: A Unique and Personalized Experience

One of our most valued services includes cruises on Dahabiyas, traditional private sailboats that offer a unique experience. These boats allow our visitors to access temples at times that avoid the crowd from other cruises and discover remote locations that are not reached by conventional motor ships. At Egipto Exclusivo, we have our own Dahabiyas, thus guaranteeing a unique and fully controlled experience.

Dahabiya spiritual journey

Meditation Journey to Egypt: Discovering Your Inner Greatness

Our 17-day and 16-night circuit is designed to let you explore Egypt, a country that awakens the senses and the longing for knowledge with its endless sand landscapes and enigmatic stories. You will discover more than you dreamed: the origin of Humanity, the monumental pyramids, the mysteries of life and, of course, the greatness that dwells within you.

Immersion in the Ancient Egyptian Culture

This ancient civilization will connect you with immortality, the eternal, the everlasting. Imagine walking in the same places that great pharaohs trod, enriched for millennia by the sacred waters of the Nile River. Discover legendary temples, vibrant bazaars, unparalleled cuisine, and a millennia-old culture that has survived everything, from colonialism to religious schisms.

A Journey of Adventure, Knowledge, Expansion, and Ascension

This meditation journey to Egypt is an experience of adventure, knowledge, expansion, reconnection, and ascension that will leave an indelible mark on your memory. You will marvel at the grandeur of its constructions, the strength of its gods, and the spiritually charged atmosphere, ideal for profound moments of meditation. In short, it is a journey that will allow you to discover yourself in a land of joy and deep spirituality.

Itinerary for this Meditation Journey to Egypt

This meditation journey to Egypt consists of 17 days and 16 nights, starting in Cairo and also ending in the country’s capital. It will take us to the most famous cities and monuments, but also to remote places in the desert where it is easier to connect with oneself. Here is a detailed description of the itinerary.

  • Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

  • Day 2: Giza and Saqqara

  • Day 3: Cairo

  • Day 4: Cairo – Sinai – Dahab

  • Day 5: Dahab – White Canyon Safari

  • Day 6: Dahab – Mount Sinai – St. Catherine

  • Day 7: Dahab

  • Day 8: Private yacht sailing with snorkeling option

  • Day 9: Dahab – Aswan

  • Day 10: Aswan – Isis Temple in Philae – Start of Cruise

  • Day 11: Abu Simbel – Kom Ombo – Edfu

  • Day 12: Edfu Cruise – Luxor

  • Day 13: Luxor

  • Day 14: Dendera – Abydos: Pilgrimage Experience

  • Day 15: Luxor – Bahariya Oasis

  • Day 16: Bahariya Oasis – Cairo

  • Day 17: Cairo – Airport

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

The first day of this meditation journey through Egypt is aimed at arrival and settling in at the first hotel on the route. Our staff will be waiting for you at the airport terminal and will help you process the last details of the visa, if necessary. From there, we will travel by private vehicle to the Marriott Mena House Hotel, located in Giza in a privileged location: just a few meters from the Pyramids.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we will take the opportunity to have an integration circle, where we will acknowledge ourselves in that present moment and in that specific place. After that, there will be time to rest.

  • Arrival at Cairo airport
  • Meet and pick up by our representative
  • Transfer to the hotel in a private vehicle
  • Integration dinner
  • Night at the Marriott Mena House Hotel, in Giza

Day 2: Giza and Saqqara

Joy, good energy, and spirit will take hold of us as we start the second day of this meditation journey through Egypt. In fact, we will begin by meditating in the garden of the Marriott Mena House Hotel, and not by chance: from here we enjoy privileged views of the Giza Pyramids, giving us the first opportunity to reconnect with ourselves. After this, we will enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Next, we will be ready to begin the discovery of the Giza Pyramids, so full of majesty. On the tour of this archaeological complex, we will not only enjoy contemplating them, but we will try to observe and feel the strength of the human being, capable of erecting constructions of this magnitude when the material means were much more archaic than the current ones. We will verify this at the three Pyramids: that of Khufu (or Cheops, which we will have the opportunity to visit inside), that of Khafre (or Chephren), and that of Menkaure, all of them pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty.

Part of our attention will also be taken by the Great Sphinx of Giza, a statue half lion and half pharaoh, colossal in its dimensions and its meaning: explanations about it and other spaces of the necropolis will help us understand all its value.

The three Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure will not be the only ones we will learn about on this second day of the tour. After visiting the Giza complex, we will head to the necropolis of Saqqara, where there is an even older pyramid, full of symbolism: the Step Pyramid of Djoser, a pharaoh of the Third Dynasty, built by a visionary architect who ended up being deified centuries later: Imhotep.

After these interesting visits, we will go to a local restaurant for lunch. And once we have regained our energy, we will visit Gamal, one of the professionals who make this meditation journey to Egypt so special: he is an expert in the sacred essences of this country, where we will learn a lot about them from a sensory point of view.

  • Meditation in the gardens of the Marriott Mena House Hotel, overlooking the Giza Pyramids
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Visit to the Giza necropolis: Pyramids and Great Sphinx, with entrance to the Pyramid of Khufu
  • Visit to the Step Pyramid of Djoser, in Saqqara Meeting with an expert in sacred essences of Egypt
  • Dinner at a local restaurant with regional food
  • Night at the Marriott Mena House Hotel, in Giza

Day 3: Cairo

The third day of our journey will also start full of energy, as we will carry out mindful meditation, feeling the present moment. After this, we will have a rich breakfast at our hotel and then head to the heart of the capital, Cairo.

In this great city, founded by the Arabs, we can also find great treasures of Egyptology, many of them displayed in the Egyptian Museum. Its collection is considered one of the most important in the world, with a wealth of works of art, mummies, and funerary elements dating from different periods of Ancient Egypt.

But we will also take advantage of our visit to Cairo to explore and discover the atmosphere of its streets. We will tour historic neighborhoods, such as the Islamic Quarter, where the Khan el-Khalili bazaar is located: this medieval origin market still retains all its life and is one of the oldest and largest in the Middle East, trading in products as diverse as pottery, leather, precious metals, and spices. Another important stop of the day will be the Saladin Citadel, where the majestic Alabaster Mosque is located.

After lunch at a local restaurant, we will continue the visit in the afternoon to delve into the Coptic Quarter, a place where you can feel and breathe spirituality, in this case of a religious nature: this neighborhood is very linked to early Christianity, since it is believed that the Holy Family arrived here, finding shelter in places that later became famous churches. The Ben Ezra Synagogue will also receive special attention, where we will learn details about the important Jewish community in Cairo. Finally, we will move to visit a surprising place: the Monastery of St. Simon, also called the Cave Church, as it is located in a spectacular natural cave to the east of the center.

  • Mindful meditation at the hotel
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Visit to the city of Cairo, with special mention to:
    • Egyptian Museum
    • Islamic Quarter and the Khan el-Khalili bazaar
    • Coptic Quarter
  • Lunch at a local restaurant Dinner in Cairo
  • Night at the Marriott Mena House Hotel, in Giza

Day 4: Cairo - Sinai - Dahab

On the fourth day of this meditation journey through Egypt, we will leave Cairo and travel to the Red Sea, so we will face it full of excitement and anticipation. After breakfast at the hotel, we will check out and head to the capital’s airport, where a flight to Sharm el-Sheikh, in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula, awaits us.

Upon arrival, our driver will take us in a private vehicle to the city center to visit the spectacular Al Sahaba mosque, next to the old Sinai market, in a unique combination of impressive architecture and popular atmosphere. After that, we will head to the nearby village of Dahab, where our hotel is in a much more relaxing and quiet location, with pleasant sea views.

In fact, upon arrival we will have a meeting to share experiences, emotions, and sensations. And then, we will head to our first contact with the beach of the Red Sea, bathed by crystal clear waters that invite relaxation.

  • Breakfast at a hotel in Cairo
  • Transfer to the airport and flight to the Sinai Peninsula
  • Lunch at a luxury hotel
  • Visit Al Sahaba mosque and old Sinai market in Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Transfer to the village of Dahab and check-in at the hotel
  • Dinner and overnight at the hotel

Day 5: Dahab - White Canyon Safari

This meditation journey through Egypt not only includes relaxing and spiritual experiences, but also strong emotion activities. And on this fifth day of the tour, we will experience it firsthand. This day will be amazing and unforgettable because, after breakfast at the Dahab hotel, we will go on a 4×4 adventure safari through the Sinai desert. We will let loose the inner child and re-experience sensations from our childhood!

After the adrenaline rush from the safari adventure, we will stop in a magical place to meditate: the White Canyon, in the middle of the desert, which will serve to connect with the past and with our ancestors who, long ago, lived in direct contact with the natural environment. Undoubtedly, an experience that will be the perfect counterpoint to a morning of action and transformation.

By then, it will be time to replenish our energy with a delicious lunch in the form of a Launch Box in the middle of the desert, which will allow us to better take advantage of the day’s time. After that, we will return to the hotel, where we will have the opportunity to share the intense moments lived and exchange impressions, thus completing an introspective journey into our own interior. Dinner will be served at the hotel and you will enjoy a well-deserved rest in your room.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Dahab
  • 4×4 safari through the Sinai Desert
  • Meditation activity in the White Canyon
  • Lunch in the desert
  • Meeting to share impressions of the day
  • Dinner and overnight at the Dahab hotel

Día 6: Dahab - Mount Sinai - St. Catherine

On the sixth day of this meditation journey through Egypt, we will experience one of the most special spiritual moments: the ascent to Mount Sinai. But first, we will start the day with a delicious breakfast at the hotel and exercises on the beach, dyed with beautiful colors and corals, to discover the greatness within you.

After this, a trip to the heart of the Sinai Peninsula awaits us: the valley of St. Catherine. Upon arrival, a Bedouin guide will be waiting for us with whom we will start our ascent to Mount St. Catherine at the most magical time of the day: sunset. In such a special experience, it will be worth stopping to do a hypnotic meditation and some breathing exercises, where the infinite presence of God is manifested, as this is a sacred environment for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

After seeing and feeling emotions that are present even in the holy books of these religions, we will return to our hotel in Dahab, where we will have dinner and share the experiences lived.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Dahab
  • Exercises on the beach
  • Trip to the valley of St. Catherine and ascent to the mountain coinciding with sunset
  • Meditation and breathing exercises
  • Return to the hotel in Dahab and dinner
  • Overnight at the hotel in Dahab

Día 7: Dahab

In this meditation journey to Egypt, there are also days of total relaxation. And the seventh day is one of them. It will surely be one of the most wonderful days of the tour, as we will go to a wonderful Red Sea beach to do stretching exercises, inner healing, and meditation. All of this will allow us to achieve the main goal of this trip: to connect with ourselves.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Spiritual exercises on the Red Sea beach
  • Lunch, dinner, and rest at the hotel in Dahab

Day 8: Private Yacht Sailing with Snorkeling Option

After breakfast at our hotel in Dahab, we will finally venture into the Red Sea. And we will do it in the most special way possible: aboard a private yacht that will take us to open waters.

We will take advantage of our stay on the yacht and in an unmatched environment to perform different personal exercises, such as hemisphere balance and breathing to activate your kundalini. All this while the breeze from the immense sea caresses our face to achieve a full feeling of freedom and well-being.

Those who wish can also feel the embrace of the sea in a different way: by snorkeling to spot marine species of different sizes and colors, which will make you reconnect with the purity of nature, in this case, underwater. At the conclusion of these activities and exercises, we will return to our hotel in Dahab for dinner and rest.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Full day aboard a private yacht:
    • Meditation and breathing exercises
    • Snorkeling immersion (optional)
    • Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Dahab

Día 9: Dahab - Aswan

On the ninth day of this meditation journey through Egypt, we will radically change the scenario: we will leave Dahab to travel to Upper Egypt. But first, a delicious breakfast awaits us at our hotel, after which we will take the opportunity to do some final breathing exercises on the beach, thus saying goodbye to a truly magical environment and views.

After checking out, we will drive to Sharm el-Sheikh airport and, from there, we will fly to Aswan, making a stopover at Cairo airport. We will arrive at our destination already at night, but with enough time to have dinner and rest.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Dahab
  • Breathing exercises on the beach
  • Check-out and transfer to Sharm el-Sheikh airport
  • Flight to Aswan, with a stopover in Cairo
  • Lunch en route
  • Dinner and overnight at the hotel

Day 10: Aswan - Temple of Isis in Philae - Start of the Cruise

After ten days of enjoying this meditation trip to Egypt, there are still many surprises to discover and many experiences to live. And several of them will take place on this day.

The first visit of the day will be to the Temple of Isis in Philae, for which it will be necessary to get up very early: if the group exceeds 40 people, we will request authorization from the Egyptian Government to perform meditation and relaxation exercises at sunrise, within the temple grounds. This will help us reconnect with the ancestral energy of the gods of Egypt, specifically with Isis, wife of Osiris and deity associated with magic. This is an exclusive and private experience that will also allow us to enjoy its monumental architecture and its fascinating surroundings: it is located on the island of Agilkia, in the Nile River, to which this temple from the times of Nectanebo I (XXX dynasty) was moved when the construction of the Aswan dam threatened to flood the temple on the island of Philae. And if the group does not reach that number, a tourist visit will be made during the day.

After living these special moments during the first hours of the morning, we will return to Aswan to regain strength and check-in for another of the most anticipated experiences of this meditation trip through Egypt: the Nile cruise.

For the moment, we will sail calmly through the waters of this sacred river near Aswan, specifically towards the Nubian village, where we will get to know the vitality and charm of its inhabitants, survivors of the loss of their original villages after the construction of the Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser. We will also enjoy seeing the river colors, the riverside landscape, and the passage of other boats through the channel. And without leaving the cruise, we will continue the journey, having dinner and sleeping on board.

  • Breakfast
  • Exclusive visit to the Temple of Isis in Philae, with meditation and breathing exercises (if the Egyptian Government authorizes it)
  • Return to Aswan and check-in on the cruise
  • Lunch on the cruise
  • Navigation to the Nubian village
  • Dinner and overnight on board the cruise

Day11: Abu Simbel - Kom Ombo - Edfu

The morning of this eleventh day is also worth getting up very early: we will leave at dawn, equipped with a Breakfast Box for breakfast, heading to the far south: there awaits the visit of one of the most fascinating places of Ancient Egypt: Abu Simbel.

These monuments are colossal, as we will understand as soon as we arrive: the giant statues of Ramses II and his wife Nefertari are present in the two temples that this important pharaoh ordered to be erected to send a message of power to the Nubian enemies of the south.

But in addition to knowing the artistic details of these temples, we will take the opportunity to live a unique experience in this meditation trip through Egypt: feel the energy of the environment: Lake Nasser, the largest artificial water mass on the planet. We will also understand the life and personality of Nefertari, a woman who played a very important role during her husband’s government and who still today serves as an example and inspiration for people of our time.

After the visit, we will return to Aswan for lunch and, finally, start sailing downstream the Nile River. It will be in the afternoon and, shortly after starting the journey, we will arrive at another place worth knowing: Kom Ombo, with its beautiful temple from the Ptolemaic era mainly dedicated to the god Sobek: this deity, represented in the form of a crocodile, was associated with fertility. Therefore, many of these animals were mummified in his honor, as they were believed to be true incarnations of the god. Plenty of examples of this await us in the Crocodile Museum, next to the temple itself.

After the visit to Kom Ombo, we will return on board to continue enjoying the calm provided by the navigation on the Nile River. On both sides, riverside scenes dominated by orchards, sycamores, and palm trees, with the golden backdrop that represents the desert, all dotted with ruins at various points that remind us of the long history of this river route.

These are sensations that provide inner well-being, just like the slight breeze caressing our faces as we move towards our next destination: Edfu. In this city, moored in port, we will rest on board the cruise. Before that moment we will have enjoyed dinner and a moment of conviviality under the moonlight, sharing experiences and impressions.

  • Early departure to Abu Simbel
  • Breakfast Box Guided visit to Abu Simbel
  • Return to Aswan and start of the cruise
  • Arrival at Kom Ombo: visit to its temple and the Crocodile Museum
  • Continuation of the navigation to Edfu
  • Dinner and overnight on board the cruise

Day 12: Edfu - Luxor Cruise

This will be the second and final day of cruising the Nile during our meditation trip in Egypt, so we will take the opportunity to fully enjoy the relaxing river navigation on our boat.

We will have breakfast on board and, shortly after starting the day, we will arrive in Edfu, the first stop of the day. Here we will have the opportunity to discover one of the most spectacular temples in the entire country, dedicated to the gods Horus-Apollo, which was highly significant during the Greco-Roman period. We will visit its structure and its sacred spaces, such as the Boat Room, and we will enjoy a sensory experience of this place full of history.

Returning to the cruise, we will continue to Esna, we will cross the lock that regulates the river’s water and continue to Luxor, which in the times of Ancient Egypt was the ancient Thebes, the great capital during the New Empire. Currently, it houses important temples and monuments on both banks.

After mooring the boat, we will visit the great monuments of the east bank: the Luxor temple and the Karnak temples, connected by the restored Avenue of the Sphinxes and dedicated to the worship of Amun, among other gods. By visiting their spectacular hypostyle halls, observing the pylons and obelisks, and admiring the colossal statues, we will realize the greatness of that civilization, which will also inspire us for the rest of the trip. We will share this upon returning to the cruise, where we will have dinner and sleep for the last time, docked at the port.

  • Breakfast on board the cruise
  • Visit of the Edfu temple Lunch on board
  • Arrival in Luxor and visit of the east bank:
  • Luxor and Karnak temples
  • Dinner and overnight on board the cruise, moored in Luxor

Day 13: Luxor

The grandeur and majesty of Luxor are vast, so we will dedicate another day to this meditation trip in Egypt. On this second day in the territory of ancient Thebes, we will continue to nurture our knowledge and inspiration of that capital that produced so many important pharaohs, such as Tutankhamun or Ramses II.

Those are some of the names that will come up during the visits of this day, on the west bank, whose main attraction is the Valley of the Kings. We will also travel to Deir el Bahari to admire the funerary temple of the pharaoh queen Hatshepsut, designed as a “wonder of wonders” by the architect Senenmut. And we will contemplate the Colossi of Memnon, all with the explanations of a professional guide.

After lunch in a local restaurant, we will return in the afternoon to the Nile, in this case to the facilities of our luxury hotel to perform some exercises and relaxation practices at sunset. It will be a moment when your inner greatness will flourish, in harmony with the majesty seen throughout the day.

  • Breakfast on board the cruise in Luxor
  • Check-out from the cruise and check-in at the hotel
  • Visit of the monuments of the west bank:
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Funerary temple of the pharaoh queen Hatshepsut
  • Colossi of Memnon
  • Meditation exercises at the hotel
  • Night in hotel in Luxor

Day 14: Dendera - Abydos: Pilgrimage Experience

The fourteenth day of this tour is an excursion from Luxor to several of the most spiritually significant places in Ancient Egypt: Dendera and Abydos. We will travel there by road, after having a wonderful breakfast at our Luxor hotel.

The first visit will be Dendera: this temple not only fascinates with its spectacular architecture of columns and polychrome ceilings but also for the mysticism of Hathor, goddess of joy, motherhood, and love, to whom the building is dedicated. Additionally, it has special symbolism at an astronomical level, thanks to its famous Zodiac, as we will discover.

Later we will visit Abydos, with one of the most important sacred enclosures for the pharaonic civilization, where the god of the Afterlife, Osiris, was worshipped. Here, Pharaoh Seti I of the 19th dynasty also ordered the construction of his funerary temple, and what can be visited today is a combination of monumentality, history, and spirituality.

After both visits, we will return to Luxor, still with the beauty and magic of Ancient Egypt in our eyes. After lunch, we will carry out relaxation exercises and share experiences. And at night, dinner and rest at the hotel.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Luxor Excursion to:
    • Dendera Temple
    • Abydos Temple
  • Return to Luxor and lunch
  • Relaxation practices
  • Dinner and night at the hotel in Luxor

Day 15: Luxor - Bahariya Oasis

In this meditation trip through Egypt, some of the most important spiritual experiences are saved for the end. After breakfast at our Luxor hotel, we will leave behind the grandeur of Ancient Egypt to discover two other grand aspects: the greatness of the Egyptian desert and, above all, your inner greatness.

On board a perfectly equipped private vehicle, we will travel several hundred kilometers to reach the Bahariya Oasis, one of the most spectacular in all of Egypt. The journey itself is an experience, as we will fully feel the immensity of this natural space that has practically not been modified by man. A landscape of extreme aridity that surprises with its beauty and unique landscape, where mountains, isolated rock formations, and water sources emerge as if by magic, giving rise to its famous oases. And all this, under a burning sun and while a breeze that purifies inside and out blows.

Three major attractions will especially delight our senses. On the one hand, the Black Desert, where dolerite rock, of volcanic origin, predominates and provides a suggestive dark contrast to the golden sea represented by the desert. On the other hand, the White Desert, dominated by capricious-looking rock formations and composed of a mixture of limestone and chalk. And finally, the striking Crystal Mountain, a shiny promontory made of quartz crystal and pyrite.

In addition, in the Bahariya oasis and its surroundings, we will also discover vestiges of the past, such as tombs that testify to the passage of Alexander the Great through this place and remains of a temple dedicated to this great Macedonian emperor, who adopted the title of pharaoh in the 4th century BC. Therefore, it can be said that Alexander the Great, on his journey from Luxor to Siwa, lived firsthand the accumulation of sensations that we will experience in this stage of our meditation trip through Egypt.

In our case, not only will we enjoy the vision of such unique landscapes, but we will also take the opportunity to carry out activities and practices oriented towards relaxation, purification, and inner calm, absorbing the energy and peace that the environment transmits. We will not miss the opportunity to delight in the lights of sunset, so special in the desert, as well as contemplate the dazzling starry sky that will explode during the night.

And to feel at home, we will organize the day in Bedouin style, with the possibility of taking camel rides and traveling through mountains, dunes, and valleys. The meals and coexistence that we carry out during the day will also be a full Bedouin cultural experience, just like the night rest: we will spend the night in an improvised camp of tents.

  • Breakfast and check-out at the Luxor hotel
  • 4×4 trip through the Western Desert to the Bahariya Oasis
  • White Desert
  • Black Desert
  • Crystal Mountain
  • Lunch and dinner included
  • Overnight in tents in the middle of the desert

Día 16: Bahariya Oasis - Cairo

If the sunset and the night in the desert are spectacular, the sunrise is no less: we will get up early to feel the inspiration and beauty of the first lights of the day, while we perform exercises to connect with our inner self at such a special time. Undoubtedly, one of the unforgettable moments of this meditation trip to Egypt.

After breakfast and finishing our spiritual exercises, we will return to our 4×4 vehicle, in this case to head to Cairo. With each passing kilometer, we will leave behind the desert landscapes of the previous day to approach and enter the great civilization.

Upon arrival in the capital, you will check-in at the hotel to spend the last night of this meditation trip through Egypt: rest will be more than deserved, after a day with more than 300 km on the road and two weeks full of emotions. Before that, if time allows, there may be free time or a final session of spiritual exercises.

  • Sunrise contemplation
  • Meditation exercises
  • Breakfast in the Bahariya oasis
  • Road trip to Cairo
  • Night in hotel in Cairo

Day 17: Cairo - Airport

This is the last day of our meditation trip to Egypt. After breakfast at the hotel and doing the necessary check-out, our staff will transfer you in a private vehicle to the airport, at a time agreed upon based on the flight schedule.

It will, therefore, be time to say goodbye to a country, Egypt, that will have shown us all its faces in 17 days: the majestic, the monumental, the natural…. But above all one: the most spiritual, emotional, and sensory, capable of connecting with our soul and bringing out the best in ourselves. Therefore, we hope that in the final balance of the trip, the objective has been achieved: the discovery of your own Greatness.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Check-out Transfer to the airport in a private vehicle with driver

Qué incluye este circuito

To be able to enjoy this trip and our meditation practices with the utmost comfort, the package includes the following services:

  • Transfers to/from airports Domestic
  • Flights (Cairo – Sinai, Sinai – Aswan)
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) throughout the trip, excluding drinks
  • 4 nights in a hotel in Cairo
  • 5 nights in a hotel in Dahab Night in a hotel in Aswan
  • 3 nights on a Nile cruise
  • 2 nights in a hotel in Luxor
  • Night in desert tents
  • Private vehicle with driver throughout the trip
  • Private yacht in the Red Sea
  • English-speaking guide throughout the trip
  • All entrance fees for visits to monuments described in the program
  • Exclusive visit to the Temple of Isis in Philae
  • All travel taxes
  • Private photographer
  • Daily meditations
  • Mindfulness techniques to live in the present
  • Coaching sessions 

What it does not include

Although this meditation trip to Egypt practically includes everything necessary to enjoy the experience without limits, the following services are left to the traveler’s discretion and are excluded:

  • International flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips for the guides
  • Drinks
  • Additional visits not described in the program
  • Visa

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