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Tourist Sites in Egypt

Egypt has many tourist sites. And they’re not only about the ancient pharaonic civilization: in addition to tombs, pyramids, and temples, you can visit mosques, vibrant neighborhoods, highly interesting natural environments, and paradisiacal beaches to relax. The tourist sites in Egypt are scattered all over the country’s geography and, for better understanding of their location, we’ve grouped them by regions. This will help you grasp the proximity of some to others or the need to take a domestic flight to move between two distant destinations. Take note.

Lower Egypt is the tourist region that encompasses the Nile Delta to Cairo. This area is a must-visit because it contains the country’s most important international airport, in the capital. But that’s not all: this area is home to some of Egypt’s most important tourist sites, such as the Pyramids of Giza or the city of Cairo. We also include other very interesting destinations here, such as the Christian monasteries of Wadi Natrun, the city of Rosetta, or the necropolis of Saqqara, among other places that can easily be incorporated into your itinerary.

Middle Egypt is a region, at first glance, less famous and well-known than Lower or Upper Egypt. But lovers of the pharaonic civilization will find places of enormous interest here. Specifically, in the area around Tell El Amarna, where the capital of Ancient Egypt was located in the time of the controversial Akhenaten. The city of Minya serves as the central point from which to make excursions to this site or to other places like Beni Hassan or Hermopolis, as well as offering local museums and a suggestive panoramic view of the Nile in its middle course.

This is probably where the largest concentration of tourist sites in Egypt is found. And the best part is that many of them can be enjoyed on a cruise: from Aswan to Luxor, passing by Kom Ombo or Edfu, there are royal tombs, Ptolemaic temples, and a lush Nile, among other notable attractions. To this are added always fascinating destinations: further south, Lake Nasser and its splendid temples of Abu Simbel; and further north, the equally imposing temples of Abydos and Dendera. All this without forgetting the surprising Christian monasteries of Assiut, where the Holy Family went.

Egypt has become one of the preferred sun and beach destinations for travelers from all over the world. To its always warm climate, ideal for a swim, other attractions are added such as private boat navigation or diving among fishes of a thousand colors. In this regard, the main tourist sites in Egypt for this type of vacation are in the Mediterranean Sea (Marsa Matruh, Alexandria) and, above all, in the Red Sea, both on the continental coast (Hurghada, Marsa Alam) and on the Sinai Peninsula (Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab).

Beyond the shores of the Nile, the sea coast, and the major cities, there are other tourist sites in Egypt worth visiting: these are the oases, which are spread throughout the Western Desert and the Sinai Peninsula: Bahariya and Siwa are among the most important, El Fayum is the closest to Cairo, and St. Catherine’s is the most mountainous, with sacred places for the three monotheistic religions. Therefore, visiting them can be a wonderful experience that mixes safari through untouched nature, star-gazing, and culture in its broadest sense of the word.