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Egypt tour with an excursion to Alexandria

Egipto Exclusivo offers a diverse range of tours, with different durations and itineraries to suit all preferences. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most comprehensive options—a tour of Egypt with an excursion to Alexandria, along with the usual highlights such as the Pyramids, a Nile cruise, and relaxation days on the Red Sea. Organized to the last detail, this two-week journey allows you to make the most of each day. Take note of the itinerary and choose this proposal if you want to explore Egypt’s most significant landmarks while also reserving some days for relaxation.

Alexandria, a unique addition to the tour

In this Egypt tour, the excursion to Alexandria adds a unique touch. While it will be a grand finale to your trip, following visits to the Pyramids of Giza and the monuments of Upper Egypt (on the cruise), among other attractions, the wait will be worth it. Alexandria is an incredible city situated by the Mediterranean, offering a blend of Egyptian and Greek influences. This makes it an appealing option not only for those interested in Egyptian civilization but also for enthusiasts of ancient culture in general.

Throughout the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to experience modern Egyptian culture, visiting spectacular mosques in Cairo and witnessing vibrant traditions. Moreover, this two-week journey includes ample time for ultimate relaxation at an all-inclusive resort on the beaches of the Red Sea, in the city of Hurghada.

The best of Egypt in 14 days, Red Sea, and Alexandria

Egipto Exclusivo is a receptive travel agency specializing in tailor-made, private trips throughout Egypt. We design your itinerary with passion and extensive knowledge of a destination we love and deeply understand. We take into account your preferences and interests to ensure you have a unique experience that you will never forget.

Don’t hesitate any longer and simply enjoy while we handle what we’re most passionate about and excel at: preparing all the details. And if you have any questions, we’re here to assist and advise you before, during, and after your journey.

Itinerario de este tour de 14 días por Egipto

  • Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

  • Day 2: Giza

  • Day 3: Cairo

  • Day 4: Cairo – Aswan

  • Day 5: Abu Simbel – Kom Ombo – Edfu

  • Day 6: Edfu – Luxor

  • Day 7: Luxor

  • Day 8: Dendera – Abydos Excursion

  • Day 9: Luxor

  • Day 10: Luxor – Hurghada

  • Day 11: Hurghada

  • Day 12: Hurghada – Cairo

  • Day 13: Alexandria Excursion

  • Day 14: Cairo – Airport

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

Upon arrival at Cairo airport, a representative from our agency will be waiting to welcome you and assist with the visa process. Our private vehicle and driver will be ready to transport you to your hotel in downtown Cairo.

Once you arrive at the hotel, you will check-in and receive an informative briefing to address any questions you may have about this tour of Egypt. Common inquiries include whether the excursion to Alexandria takes place in a single day, if meals are included on the Nile cruise, and whether entry to the Giza Pyramids is permitted. We will also provide tips for managing your free time and using the local currency. Depending on the conclusion time of the briefing, you may have some free time before heading to your rooms to rest at the hotel.

  • Llegada al aeropuerto de El Cairo
  • Encuentro con nuestro representante y trámites de la visa
  • Traslado al hotel en vehículo privado con chófer
  • Check-in y briefing informativo
  • Noche en hotel en El Cairo

Día 2: Giza

After the formalities of the arrival day, it’s time to start filling your backpack with experiences. And the first one is truly memorable: visiting the Giza necropolis with its famous Pyramids. After energizing with a delicious breakfast, we will transfer you to this unparalleled archaeological site.

With the assistance of our professional guide, you will learn all the details that made such a feat possible: constructing these pyramids that still stand 4,500 years later. They were built by the pharaohs of the 4th dynasty – Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure – who wanted their tombs here to achieve eternal life in the afterlife. They succeeded and have since passed into history. Today, these pyramids are visitable, and if desired, you can enter their interiors to discover their structure and experience their solemnity. Additionally, the Great Sphinx acts as a guardian with its imposing silhouette of a lion’s body and pharaoh’s head. In the Giza necropolis, there are other areas worth exploring, and we will ensure you have the opportunity to capture this moment with plenty of photographs.

After visiting Giza and uncovering its secrets, we will head to a local restaurant for lunch. Then, we will return to Cairo for an afternoon of free time, which you can use to go shopping or explore different neighborhoods before returning to the hotel for rest.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Cairo
  • Visit to the Giza necropolis: Pyramids and Great Sphinx
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Free afternoon in Cairo
  • Overnight stay at a hotel in Cairo

Day 3: Cairo

On the third day of the tour and your third day in the capital, Cairo, we will explore the city in depth with the guidance of our expert guide. The entire day will be dedicated to the tour after enjoying breakfast at the hotel to fuel ourselves for the day.

During the first part of the day, we will visit the Egyptian Museum, an institution that showcases the wonders of ancient Egypt. Here, you will find preserved and exhibited mummies, jewelry, sarcophagi, papyri, sculptures, and countless artifacts that provide insight into life during the pharaonic civilization.

After this essential visit, we will head to the Islamic Quarter. This area was established during the founding of the city after the Arab conquest, and as a result, it boasts a high concentration of historic mosques. This trend continued throughout the centuries, resulting in an architectural marvel that captivates all who visit. The Alabaster Mosque within the Saladin Citadel is a prime example. Additionally, our itinerary will include a visit to the bustling Khan El Khalili Bazaar, where local crafts, leather goods, woodwork, and precious metal items are sold.

In the afternoon, we will explore the Coptic Quarter, which is home to the main Christian monuments in Cairo – and there are many. Notable highlights include the Church of St. Sergius and the Hanging Church. The first is famous because it is believed to have provided refuge to the Holy Family during their escape to Egypt, known as the Flight into Egypt, which brought the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and the baby Jesus to these lands. The latter is one of the most beautiful and monumental churches in the city and the country. It was built in medieval times but has origins dating back to the 3rd century, situated next to the Roman fortress of Babylon. The Ben Ezra Synagogue will provide insight into the past and present of the Jewish community in Cairo, which has a rich tradition and historical significance. Lastly, in another district to the east of the city, the Cave Church will leave you in awe with its location inside a massive natural cave.

As you can see, this day is one of the most intense in the entire Egypt tour. Neither the excursion to Alexandria on the penultimate day nor the stages of the Nile cruise have such a packed program. Therefore, the third night at the hotel will offer a well-deserved rest.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Cairo
  • Visit to the Egyptian Museum
  • Explore the Islamic Quarter: Khan El Khalili Bazaar
  • Visit the Coptic Quarter
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Overnight stay at a hotel in Cairo

Day 4: Cairo - Aswan

After three days of captivating experiences in Cairo and Giza, it’s time to change the scenery and continue our tour to other regions of Egypt, particularly Upper Egypt. After breakfast and check-out, our driver will pick you up for the transfer to Cairo airport, where your flight to Aswan awaits.

Upon arrival at Aswan airport, another representative from our agency will be waiting to provide a special transfer: a visit to the Temple of Isis on Philae Island, which was relocated stone by stone from its original location during the reign of Pharaoh Nectanebo I (30th Dynasty). The combination of Egyptian architecture and native vegetation gives this place a unique charm, enhanced by the explanations of our guide that will help you understand its significance.

After the visit to the Temple of Isis, the mother goddess in Egyptian religion, we will proceed to Aswan to check-in on the Nile cruise that will sail the waters of the Nile in the coming days. The cruise ship will become your second home, providing all meals. Although it will remain docked in port during this day, you will still enjoy dinner and spend the night on board. Until then, you will have free time to take a stroll through Aswan, which is known for its interesting corners related to Nubian culture and its famous quarries, which were exploited during ancient Egypt.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Cairo
  • Transfer to the airport and flight to Aswan
  • Pickup at Aswan airport and transfer to the Temple of Isis on Philae Island for a guided tour
  • Transfer to Aswan and check-in on the cruise ship
  • Free afternoon
  • Dinner and overnight stay on board in Aswan

Day 5: Abu Simbel - Kom Ombo - Edfu

In this Egypt tour, the excursion to Alexandria is not the only one included in the program. The fifth day features a half-day visit to the temples of Abu Simbel. Since they are located several hours away by road, we will depart very early from Aswan to make the most of the day. As a result, breakfast on this day will be in the form of a Breakfast Box to go.

Regardless, the journey will be well worth it, as Abu Simbel is one of the most grandiose monuments in all of ancient Egypt. It is closely associated with the figure of Ramses II, the pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty and, for many, the most powerful monarch of that civilization. He built these temples as a display of his power, as this was the border area between his possessions and the Nubian enemies to the south. This construction took place at a crucial moment: after the Battle of Kadesh (1274 BCE), where he claimed victory (or at least wanted it to be perceived) over the Hittites. However, Ramses II is not the only highlight of this visit: as our guide will explain, Queen Nefertari also holds a central place in the temples. Both figures are represented on a colossal scale in the sculptures on the facades. Additionally, we will enter the interior of the temples, which will allow us to better understand the “miracle” of preserving these monuments, as they had to be painstakingly relocated stone by stone to this site in the 1960s, threatened by the waters of Lake Nasser.

At noon, we will return to Aswan because it marks the beginning of the long-awaited Nile cruise. In fact, lunch will be served on board to optimize time. During the afternoon, we will disembark again for an essential visit: the Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to the gods Haroeris and Sobek. Sobek, the god of fertility and associated with crocodiles, is particularly fascinating. That is why the temple and the adjacent Crocodile Museum prominently feature representations of this animal, including crocodile mummies that were used as votive offerings.

After visiting both sites, we will return to the cruise ship to continue sailing in the final stretch of the day. It will be time to have dinner on board and dock at the port of Edfu for a restful night.

  • Early morning departure to Abu Simbel
  • Breakfast on the way (Breakfast Box format)
  • Guided visit to the temples of Abu Simbel
  • Return to Aswan
  • Start of the Nile cruise
  • Arrival at Kom Ombo. Visit to the temple and the Crocodile Museum
  • Continuation of the journey to Edfu
  • Dinner and overnight stay on board the cruise ship

Day 6: Edfu – Luxor

On the sixth day of the tour, the navigation continues along with cultural visits. After breakfast on board the cruise ship, we will visit the Temple of Edfu, which surprises all visitors with its grand scale. It is the second largest temple in the country, second only to the Karnak complex, which we will also visit later in the day. The Temple of Edfu was built during the Greco-Roman period but maintains the style and spirituality of ancient Egypt. It is primarily dedicated to the god Horus, the god of hunting and war and the protector of pharaohs. Throughout the temple, you will find sculptures and reliefs of this animal. With the guidance of our expert guide, we will pay attention to all the details and rooms, with special mention of the Boat Room, which houses a vessel that was used for a fluvial procession to Dendera, which we will explore later in this tour.

Upon returning to the cruise ship, our boat will continue sailing downstream, allowing you to enjoy the riverside landscape of this stretch. At one point in the journey, we will pass through the Esna Lock, a vital infrastructure that regulates the river’s water level, enabling ships like ours to navigate year-round. After passing this point, Luxor will be within reach.

In the afternoon, we will arrive in Luxor and waste no time in beginning the visits to the East Bank. Luxor was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Thebes, one of the most magnificent cities during the pharaonic era. It served as the capital during the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom. The monuments we will visit at this time are the Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temples, significant places of worship and centers of power for the clergy of Amun. The Luxor Temple stands out with its grand entrance pylon and its obelisk, which is a “twin” to the one installed in the Place de la Concorde in Paris. The Karnak Temples impress with their Great Hypostyle Hall and colossal sculptures. Between the two temples, the Avenue of the Sphinxes once hosted the procession of the Opet festival and still captivates visitors with its solemnity.

After visiting these sacred places in the East Bank of Thebes, we will return to the cruise ship, which will be docked at the port, ready to provide dinner and accommodation for the night. This will be the last night spent on board.

  • Breakfast on board
  • Visit to the Temple of Edfu
  • Navigation to Luxor
  • Visit to the East Bank of Thebes:
    • Luxor Temple
    • Karnak Temples
  • Dinner and overnight stay on board

Día 7: Luxor

The city of Luxor has so many points of interest that it would be impossible to see them all in one day… not even in two. Therefore, this second day in the city continues the visits from the previous day and will be continued two days later. On this seventh day of the tour, we will immerse ourselves in the mystical world of the Afterlife, which is present on the West Bank, where the great tombs and funerary monuments were built when Thebes was the capital.

After breakfast on the cruise ship, we will cross the sacred waters of the Nile and take a road trip with our guide to visit the most important sites, especially three of them. Firstly, the Valley of the Kings, named so because the pharaohs of the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties excavated their tombs here. They lavishly decorated the interiors and provided a rich funerary assemblage to ensure they lacked nothing in the Afterlife. Secondly, the temple of the pharaoh queen Hatshepsut, located in the place known as Deir el-Bahari. Situated at the foot of a spectacular cliff, it underwent significant reconstruction in the 20th century to allow the appreciation of its original elements. Lastly, the Colossi of Memnon, two enormous statues that were part of the funerary temple of Amenhotep III.

During this route, we will take the necessary time for lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, upon returning to downtown Luxor, we will bring the luggage to the hotel and check-in, as this will be your accommodation for tonight and the next two nights.

  • Breakfast on board
  • Road trip to the West Bank of Thebes:
    • Valley of the Kings
    • Temple of Hatshepsut
    • Colossi of Memnon
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Check-out from the cruise ship
  • Check-in at the hotel
  • Overnight stay in Luxor

Day 8: Excursion to Dendera - Abydos

As we saw on the fifth day, the excursion to Alexandria is not the only one included in this Egypt tour. In fact, this eighth day also includes a road trip from Luxor to visit two temples of great importance and beauty in the same day: Dendera and Abydos. We will set out to discover them after breakfast at the hotel, with our energy levels fully charged.

The first temple we will encounter is the Temple of Dendera, located on the banks of the Nile. This was the final destination of the river procession mentioned during the visit to the Temple of Edfu. It was where Horus met Hathor, his mother and partner, the goddess of love and music. This was their main place of worship, and the temple showcases many details that refer to Hathor, such as the spectacular Hathoric columns. The remnants of polychromy are particularly interesting, as they allow us to imagine how the temples of ancient Egypt were truly decorated. Equally fascinating is the Dendera Zodiac, which demonstrates the advanced astronomical knowledge of that society. With the explanations from our guide, we will fully understand its significance.

The next sacred site held even greater importance in that religion: the Temple of Abydos, the center of worship for Osiris, the god of the Afterlife and resurrection. It was the destination of a famous pilgrimage by its believers, who sought his favor for the life after death. Seti I, a pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty, also established his funerary temple here. The temple reliefs also feature one of the most important royal lists for understanding the history of ancient Egypt, ensuring that no small details will be overlooked during our visit, thanks to our guide.

During this excursion, we will have lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, we will return to Luxor, where you will have some free time at your disposal. We suggest taking advantage of the hotel’s extraordinary location to witness the sunset on one of the most beautiful islands of the Nile. It is a truly spectacular moment that will help you grasp the symbolism attributed to the sunset by the inhabitants of Thebes.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Luxor
  • Road trip:
    • Visit to the Temple of Dendera
    • Visit to the Temple of Abydos
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Afternoon in Luxor. Sunset at the hotel
  • Overnight stay in Luxor

Day 9: Luxor

One of the characteristics of this tour is that we add an additional full day to explore the attractions of Luxor. Unlike other itineraries, with this tour, you will have the opportunity to discover three places that are often overlooked due to lack of time: Medinet Habu, Deir el Medina, and the Valley of the Nobles. We will depart for these sites by road after breakfast at the hotel.

Medinet Habu is closely associated with Ramses III, its great promoter, who conceived it as a walled village of the highest level, with temples, administrative buildings, and even a royal palace. Fortunately, it is very well preserved for present-day visitors. Deir el Medina, on the other hand, does not have as many remains of constructions, but numerous archaeological campaigns have gathered invaluable information about this place: it was the village where the artisans who worked on the tombs of the Valley of the Kings lived, allowing us to learn about the lives of the humbler layers of that society. Finally, in the Valley of the Nobles, we will find tombs that, although smaller and more modest than those of the pharaohs, are surprising due to their decorative richness.

After a morning full of visits, you will have the afternoon free. And at night, you will rest in the same hotel as the previous night, with a wide range of services and facilities to spend the last hours of the day.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Luxor
  • Road trip through West Thebes:
    • Medinet Habu
    • Deir el Medina
    • Valley of the Nobles
  • Free afternoon
  • Overnight stay at the hotel in Luxor

Day 10: Luxor - Hurghada

In this Egypt tour, before the excursion to Alexandria, you will have the chance to enjoy a few days at the Red Sea. Specifically, in the city of Hurghada, located a few hours away from Luxor by road. Therefore, after breakfast at the hotel, our chauffeur will pick you up and transfer you in a private and comfortable vehicle to this coastal city.

Upon arrival in Hurghada, you will check-in and discover that your accommodation is a first-class resort hotel, equipped with the best services and facilities. Additionally, all meals are included, both on this first day and the following day.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Luxor
  • Check-out and road trip to Hurghada
  • Check-in at the resort hotel
  • Free afternoon
  • Dinner and overnight stay at the Hurghada resort hotel

Day 11: Hurghada

The eleventh day is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated on this itinerary. At least for those who, in addition to sightseeing, seek rest and relaxation in their travels. In this case, it is a completely free day that you can organize according to your own preferences and pace. The simplest and most tempting option is to head to the beach since the Red Sea has everything to enchant beachgoers: crystal-clear and temperate waters, always pleasant ambient temperature, fine sand…

However, there are also various activities you can engage in. For example, snorkeling and diving, as there are diving spots suitable for all levels, with an enormous variety of species that are easy to spot. You can also go on a desert safari, an adventurous experience typically done in a 4×4 or on a quad, with the possibility of incorporating a meditation session, organizing a meeting with Bedouin population, or admiring the sunset or the stars.

  • Free day in Hurghada
  • All meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Overnight stay at the hotel resort in Hurghada

Day 12: Hurghada – Cairo

Your stay in Hurghada ends on this day, but the Egypt tour is not over yet: the excursion to Alexandria is the next and final experience on the program. Therefore, you will take a flight to Cairo during the day. Breakfast at the hotel resort is included, and at the agreed time after check-out, our driver will transfer you to the airport for this domestic flight.

In Cairo, another representative from our agency will be waiting to greet you and provide the transfer to your hotel in the city, where you will stay after enjoying the free afternoon in the Egyptian capital. This is a great opportunity for shopping or visiting any attractions that you may have missed in the earlier days of this Egypt tour. The excursion to Alexandria, however, will take place the following day, starting in the morning.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Hurghada
  • Check-out and transfer to the city’s airport
  • Flight to Cairo
  • Pick-up and transfer to the hotel by our agency’s staff
  • Free afternoon in Cairo
  • Overnight stay at the hotel in Cairo

Day 13: Excursion to Alexandria

If you have chosen this Egypt tour for the excursion to Alexandria, the highly anticipated moment has arrived. After breakfast at the hotel, our driver will pick you up to begin the road trip to this city on the Mediterranean coast, which will take just two hours.

Upon arrival, we will embark on the essential visits of any Alexandria excursion. Among them, the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, a historic and unique site in the entire Egyptian geography, showcasing the strong Greco-Roman presence in this city founded by Alexander the Great. We will also visit the New Library, which will remind us of the ancient Library destroyed centuries ago. And we cannot overlook the Qaitbay Citadel, not only for its spectacular Arab military construction from the 15th century but also because it was built on the foundations of the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria, once considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

This excursion to Alexandria includes lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, we will return by road to Cairo to face the last night of this tour.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Road trip to Alexandria:
    • Visit to the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa
    • New Library
    • Qaitbay Citadel
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Return to Cairo
  • Overnight stay at the hotel in Cairo

Day 14: Cairo - Airport

In this Egypt tour, the excursion to Alexandria is the final tourist experience. Therefore, after breakfast at the hotel, this journey comes to an end on the fourteenth day. At the agreed time, our driver will pick you up promptly to transfer you to Cairo Airport. From there, your flight back home will take off.

It is time to say goodbye but also express our gratitude for choosing us for a trip of this kind. We hold hope for another reunion in the future to embark on a different circuit through Egyptian territory: the oases of the Western Desert, the attractions of the Sinai Peninsula, and more.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Cairo
  • Check-out
  • Transfer to the airport in a private vehicle with a driver
  • Return home

What is included in this tour

These are the services included in the package that will allow you to enjoy the trip with maximum comfort:

  • Transfers to and from airports
  • Private vehicle with driver for all transportation
  • 5 nights in a hotel in Cairo, including breakfast only
  • 3 nights on a Nile cruise, including full board (excluding beverages)
  • 2 nights in a hotel in Luxor, including breakfast only
  • 2 nights in a hotel resort in Hurghada, all-inclusive
  • 2 lunches at local restaurants in Cairo (excluding beverages)
  • Lunch at a local restaurant in Luxor
  • Lunch at a local restaurant on the Dendera-Abydos excursion
  • Lunch at a local restaurant on the Alexandria excursion
  • Entrance fees to museums and monuments described in the itinerary
  • Spanish-speaking guide throughout the tour
  • Domestic flights: Cairo – Aswan, Hurghada – Cairo

What is not included

In this extensive tour with two oases, Egipto Exclusivo does not include the following services:

  • International flights to and from the country
  • Extra visits not specified in the itinerary
  • Tips for drivers
  • Tips for guides
  • Cruise gratuity, which is set at 45€ (one-time payment)
  • Beverages
  • Personal expenses

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