Christianity Circuit in Egypt: 8 days

Pilgrimage trip to Egypt: 8 days through Cairo, Wadi Natrun, Mount Sinai, and Saint Catherine.

In this circuit about Christianity in Egypt, our agency has planned an 8-day tour through some of the most significant places of this religion in the country, which have also gained great fame and impact worldwide. In addition to visiting these sacred sites, we reserve part of the time to discover other tourist attractions in Egypt, such as its famous pyramids or the Red Sea.

And since this Christianity circuit in Egypt ends at the border with Israel, you can conceive of it as a magnificent initial stage for a longer journey to the Holy Land on a combined trip between Egypt and Israel. Take note of all stages and services included and contact our agency for a tailor-made organization for your trip to Egypt and Israel!

Stages of this circuit on Christianity in Egypt

The circuit about Christianity in Egypt that we propose here lasts 8 days, beginning in Cairo and ending at the border with Israel. This is the detail of each of its stages.

Our pilgrimage tours through Egypt are carefully planned with the best Coptic Christian guides.

At Egipto Exclusivo, we specialize in religious and pilgrimage groups, so if what you are looking for is a trip of these characteristics, we can offer you the best service.

All stages shown in this itinerary can be modified and adapted to your needs.

Sacred pilgrimage sites in Egypt

Egipto Exclusivo is a receptive travel agency specialized in tailor-made and private trips throughout Egypt. We design your itinerary putting all our heart and knowledge into a destination, which we love and know in-depth. We will take into account your tastes and preferences so that you live a unique experience that you will never forget.

Don’t think twice and just enjoy while we do what we love and do best, prepare all the details. And if you have any doubts, you will always be attended to and advised, before, during, and after your trip.

Itinerary of this 8-day tour through Egypt

  • Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

  • Day 2: Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, and Dahshur

  • Day 3: Sacred sites in Cairo

  • Day 4: Cairo, Wadi Natrun, and Alexandria

  • Day 5: Alexandria and Cairo

  • Day 6: Sharm El-Sheikh

  • Day 7: Sharm El-Sheikh – Saint Catherine

  • Day 8: Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine, and Taba

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

The first day of this circuit on Christianity in Egypt is dedicated to arrival in the country. It will be by plane, landing at Cairo International Airport. There, our assistant will be waiting for you to process the visa and to transfer you to the hotel in our private vehicle, where you will spend several nights, as detailed below.

Day 2: Pyramids of Giza and Egyptian Museum

Before delving into the sacred sites planned on this circuit, we dedicate a day to an ‘essential’ tourist attraction of the country: the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, built by the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. Additionally, an optional visit to the famous Egyptian Museum can be organized, where we can better understand some details of the Pharaonic civilization: mummies, sarcophagi, colossal statues, and much more. Lunch will take place at a local restaurant, and the overnight rest will be at the same hotel in Cairo.

Day 3: Sacred sites in Cairo

The third day is entirely dedicated to discovering the sacred sites that Christianity has in Cairo. And there are many, especially because it is believed that the Holy Family took refuge in this area during their Flight into Egypt. Guided by our expert pilgrimage guide, we will visit symbolic places such as the Tree of Mary, in the Al Matariya neighborhood: a millennial sycamore under whose shade the Virgin is said to have rested. We will also visit the Coptic Orthodox Church of Saint Mary in Zeitun, where several Marian apparitions occurred decades ago, and the Hanging Church, one of the most important in the city. As on the previous day, lunch will be at a local restaurant, and the overnight rest will be at the same hotel in Cairo.

Day 4: Cairo, Wadi Natrun, and Alexandria

On the fourth day, this circuit on Christianity in Egypt takes us to monasteries of great transcendence in this country: those of Wadi Natrun. They were founded in the first centuries of our era by popular local saints, such as Saint Bishoy or Saint Macarius, within the monastic movement that arose in Egypt and inspired the rest of the world.

These monasteries are halfway between Cairo and Alexandria, so at the conclusion of the visit, we will continue to the latter city. Upon arrival, we will take advantage of the major tourist attractions, such as the panoramic views of the Citadel of Qaitbay, the Roman Theater, and the New Library, inheritor of the ancient one. In this intense day, we will find the time to lunch at a local restaurant, and we will spend the night at a hotel in Alexandria.

Day 5: Alexandria and Cairo

The city of Alexandria is very much related to the Christian religion, as it served as a center for the dissemination of this new faith in the first centuries of our era. Furthermore, it houses temples of great significance for various Churches: the Coptic, Greek Orthodox, and even Catholic. Therefore, in the first part of this day, we will visit the Church of Saint Mark, the first in Africa, as well as other places that will allow us to understand the context in which this religion emerged: the Catacombs of Kom al-Suqafa and the Pompey’s Pillar, among others. We will also include more recent but equally interesting buildings, like the Montaza Palace. After lunch at a local restaurant, we will return by road to Cairo, where we will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 6: Sharm El-Sheikh

Having passed the halfway mark of this circuit through Christianity in Egypt, this will be a good time to enjoy a rest day. We will travel from Cairo to Sharm El-Sheikh, in the south of the Sinai Peninsula. There, you can enjoy the splendid crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea, warm and full of marine biodiversity. Therefore, it is one of the best places in the world to practice diving or take boat trips to spot dolphins. At the end of the day, we will spend the night at a hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Day 7: Sharm El-Sheikh - Saint Catherine

After a leisurely breakfast and with renewed energy after the previous rest day, we will head to Saint Catherine of Sinai. We will arrive in the afternoon and take this time to settle into our accommodation where we will spend the night after dinner. The goal is to rest and conserve energy for what awaits us in the early hours of the next day, one of the most fascinating experiences of this circuit through Christianity in Egypt: the ascent to Mount Sinai.

Day 8: Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine, and Taba

The last day is perhaps the most intense of this circuit on Christianity in Egypt. And also one that will provide unforgettable memories and experiences. On this day we will rise early to ascend Mount Sinai, where the prophet Moses received the Tablets of the Law from God. We will reach the summit in those hours of the day when dawn bathes the landscape in a special light, especially the rocky mountains of this range.

After the descent, we will visit the Monastery of Saint Catherine, managed by the Greek Orthodox Church: the monumental complex houses constructions of great beauty, such as its basilica, in addition to one of the most important libraries in the world (not visitable). Additionally, we will stop at the Burning Bush, where another miracle witnessed by Moses took place.

And after the visit, we will head towards the border with Israel, at Taba. There our services will end, and we will say goodbye with the hope of a future reunion. Perhaps for another circuit with Christianity in Egypt as the main theme, as there are many other sacred places worth knowing: the Monastery of Saint Anthony the Great, the Monastery of Saint Paul, etc.

What this circuit includes

This package includes all necessary services for the proper development of the circuit, with the highest quality standards. In particular:

  • Assistance at Cairo airport
  • Transfer from Cairo airport
  • Private road transfers throughout the tour
  • Guided tours with an official guide
  • Ascent to Mount Sinai
  • Admission to the monuments described in the program, if they are not referenced as ‘optional’
  • Hotel nights in Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Saint Catherine, with breakfast
  • Lunches at local restaurants

What it does not include

Therefore, this circuit on Christianity in Egypt does not include the following services, which are at the discretion of the traveler:

  • Arrival or departure flights from the country
  • Dinners in Cairo and Alexandria
  • Tips for guides and drivers
  • Other services not specified in the program
  • Visa


In any case, all our circuits in Egypt, whether ‘all-inclusive’ or not, can be customized down to the last detail, as our agency specializes in tailor-made trips, with complete flexibility in services.

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