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Pilgrimage Journey to Egypt

Religious Pilgrimage Tours to the Historic Land of Egypt

By the name of ‘pilgrimage journeys to Egypt’, we refer to all those tours that have religion as their main theme. Especially Christianity, but not only, as we show you below. And the fact that Egypt is the destination of these trips is no coincidence: we are probably in one of the countries where religiosity is most intensely experienced.

This was the case in Ancient Egypt, whose religious beliefs involved almost all aspects of daily life. This also occurred after the epilogue of that Pharaonic civilization, with the rise of the Coptic culture, coexisting with the Jewish population and, later, with the new Arab rulers. And so it happens today, with a population that maintains a powerful religious feeling and hospitably welcomes all those who come to the country with this same inner strength, even if they are of other faiths.

Pilgrimage tours in Egypt for Christians

As we extensively explain on the page dedicated to Christianity, Egypt hosts numerous places of great significance for the followers of Jesus: monasteries, churches, and other temples are part of that extensive list. But also landscapes and natural elements that are in the collective imagination of their followers and in the Holy Scriptures of this religion.

Therefore, a good part of our pilgrimage trips to Egypt are of a Christian nature, forming tours that people with a deep faith can enjoy.

Other pilgrimage trips

In addition to Christianity, our pilgrimage trips to Egypt can also have the ‘engine’ of other beliefs, since in this country different religions have coexisted for millennia. And they continue to do so. Of course, if your interest is Islam, we can set up a program with places of great symbolism, such as the great mosques of Cairo, among which are two of worldwide reference: Al-Azhar, whose Grand Imam holds spiritual authority over Sunnis all over the world, or Hassan’s, which houses the remains of one of the great references for Shi’ism. And of course, we can set up routes through other cities, with deeply rooted cults and tributes among the local population.

And as we tell you on the page about Judaism, we can also set up routes to the sacred places for this religion, especially those located in the Sinai Peninsula, as well as synagogues in Cairo.

Pilgrimage trips, in tour or tailor-made

Our agency has pilgrimage trips to Egypt that already have their route closed and can be organized in a group format. However, we adapt to each traveler and we can organize private routes, with all the details made to measure. In particular, we can provide you:

  • Choice of sacred places to visit
  • Distribution of the tour program based on the needs of the participants, leaving free time for masses, prayers, purification baths, etc.
  • Official guide to gloss the trip with historical and religious explanations
  • Private transport with driver Accommodations of special significance, for example within monastic communities
  • Diet adapted to the beliefs of the travelers (kosher, halal, etc.) And any other detail that you consider appropriate to enjoy your pilgrimage trip to Egypt. If you are interested in organizing one soon, get in touch with us and we will help you with it.

What do you think of our trips to Egypt?

These are just a few of the testimonials from our clients. Their feedback fills us with encouragement and gives us the strength to continue working towards our goal of making our travelers happy, breaking down myths and prejudices. Here, you will find a selection of their stories. They motivate us to keep improving and reaffirm the value of our efforts.

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