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Activities in Egypt

Activities in Egypt: the Perfect Addition to Your Fascinating Trip

If you’re the type of traveler who doesn’t just want to “see” but also to “do”, then you’re in luck: there are countless activities you can do in Egypt that cater to a wide range of interests and profiles. On this page, we’ll give you some ideas of what you can expect from your destination, and we highly recommend booking in advance to guarantee availability.

To help you make the most of your trip, we’ve compiled a list of activities to choose from. Egipto Exclusivo is here to help you add that extra special touch to your already unforgettable trip by enriching your program with one or several of these experiences.

Let us inspire you and help you plan your dream itinerary in Egypt!

Discover the Variety of Activities in Egypt

Egypt is a destination that offers a wide range of activities for travelers of all types. Of course, visiting the ancient monuments and sites of the pharaonic era is one of the main attractions, and Egipto Exclusivo specializes in providing half-day or full-day excursions with private transportation and expert guides. You can learn more about these excursions in our dedicated section or on the pages of each destination.

In addition to traditional sightseeing, you can also enjoy a more sensory and scenographic experience of the ancient monuments through night shows with lights and sound that are projected onto the walls of temples and ancient constructions. These shows are suitable for all ages and offer a unique way to appreciate the grandeur of Egypt’s cultural heritage.

For younger travelers: Families traveling with children will find plenty of options to keep the little ones entertained. Water parks, zoos, and aquariums are popular choices to beat the heat and enjoy local fauna, especially in the big cities.

For more adventurous travelers, there are activities related to sports and outdoor adventures, such as desert safaris, hot air balloon rides, and scuba diving. Egipto Exclusivo works with trusted providers to ensure the highest safety standards and unique experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

And for those interested in immersing themselves in Egyptian culture and traditions, we offer a range of activities, including folk shows, gastronomic experiences, visits to the local artisans, and relaxation and wellness sessions.

To help you plan your trip, we have compiled a list of activities available in each tourist destination in Egypt. Remember that Egipto Exclusivo covers the entire country, so you can enjoy tailor-made experiences with us in these and other places. Let us help you discover the wonders of Egypt beyond the monuments!


Much of the charm of the Valley of the Kings is underground, in the royal tombs of this necropolis. However, a significant part of its beauty is external and can be admired from above, in a hot air balloon. These rides allow you to understand the topography of this unique place, chosen by the pharaohs of the New Empire for the peace and security it provided them for eternal life in the Hereafter.


Off the coasts of Hurghada are two of the most beautiful and trendy places in the entire country: Orange Bay and Paradise Island. One of our activities in Egypt takes you here and includes not only the pleasant journey, with music on board, but also a relaxing swim and a fascinating snorkeling experience, suitable for all levels. All this, in a paradisiacal atmosphere, as its name suggests.


The immensity of Lake Nasser can only be understood by a boat ride on its waters. If that’s your case, you can book this activity with Egipto Exclusivo: a journey across this large body of water, created as a result of the construction of the Aswan dam. The contemplation of temples and archaeological remains on its shores, such as Abu Simbel, is a great incentive, but there are also other variants, more relaxing or sporty.


From the main Red Sea tourist destinations, you can book desert safaris, often on a quad: this 4-wheel all-terrain bike provides intense emotions for motor lovers, on sandy tracks suitable for these types of vehicles. Additionally, complementary activities can be organized, such as enjoying Bedouin tea or witnessing the beauty of the sunset.


Sailing on a pleasure boat in the Red Sea is a luxury within your reach. But if you can also take a dip surrounded by dolphins, the experience is even more special. And that’s what you can do from the port of Hurghada, accompanied by the best professionals to ensure that the crossing and the bath are most pleasant and safe, and with the utmost respect for these friendly marine animals.


Aswan is one of the few refuges that Egypt’s Nubian population has found to survive and maintain their traditions. Specifically, in the so-called Nubian village, which can be reached by a pleasant boat ride on the Nile, continuing on foot or by camel. In addition, the journey can be made by motor boat or traditional felucca, and can offer other beautiful sights, like Elephantine Island.


Egypt’s Western Desert has corners of true wild beauty, like the White Desert, the Black Desert, or the Crystal Mountain. Getting to them in a 4×4 vehicle from the nearby oases is an unforgettable experience, which can be completed with an overnight stay in a tent under the starry sky, surrounded by the peace and silence of this overwhelming environment.


Food lovers don’t always settle for tasting traditional recipes during their trip. And in this Egipto Exclusivo activity, they can create them with their own hands. For this, there are culinary venues specialized in giving classes on typical Egyptian dishes, especially in the capital.

Activities in Cairo and its Surroundings

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and its surroundings, such as the city of Giza, offer a plethora of activities for all kinds of travelers. From cultural enthusiasts to families with young children, everyone can find something of their interest.

One of the highlights of the area is the light and sound shows projected at night in the Pyramids of Giza complex. This unique experience offers an unforgettable view of these already fascinating monuments.

Also in Giza, the closest area to Cairo, for families with children, the Pharaonic Village is a charming theme park that recreates ancient Egyptian civilization, or the Giza Zoo, one of Egypt’s largest and most important ones, is also located in the area. Additionally, Dream Park, the main amusement park in the region which is on the other side of the pyramids and near the modern city of Sixth of October, offers an array of exciting rides and attractions.

Visitors can also explore the nearby city of Sixth of October, which boasts The Cosmic Village, an outdoor area that showcases the country’s main monuments in a reduced scale. And for golf enthusiasts, the area offers a concentration of golf courses that are sure to delight.

Activities in Upper Egypt

Upper Egypt is a vast region that stretches along the Nile River, offering a variety of activities that revolve around this mythical waterway. One of the most popular things to do in the area is to embark on a river crossing excursion. These trips offer a great way to explore the region if you don’t have the time to take a Nile cruise.

Another way to enjoy the beauty of Upper Egypt is to take a hot air balloon ride. Flights usually depart from Luxor and provide a stunning bird’s-eye view of the city, its necropolis, and other nearby attractions.

Moving south to Aswan and its surrounding area, visitors can explore the fascinating Nubian culture, which is still highly valued in this region. From visiting Nubian villages to sampling local cuisine and enjoying folkloric shows, there’s something for everyone.

In Abu Simbel, located even further south, visitors can experience spectacular light and sound shows projected onto the walls of this impressive monument. Similar shows take place in Luxor, where visitors can also explore the city’s ancient temples and other great sites of Upper Egypt, such as Edfu.

For fishing enthusiasts, the Nile perch is a great catch, with some specimens exceeding two meters in length and weighing up to 200kg. Fishing safaris on Lake Nasser are a popular activity in Egypt and offer a unique opportunity to experience the region’s natural beauty while enjoying the thrill of the catch.

Exploring Egypt's Deserts, Oases, and Sinai Region

When it comes to Egypt, one of the first things that come to mind is the vast and mystical desert that covers much of the country. From the Western Desert to the Arabian Desert in the east, there are numerous opportunities to explore this unique natural environment and take part in some of Egypt’s most exciting activities.

One of the most popular desert experiences is the 4×4 safari or quad biking, which allows you to explore the stunning desert landscapes of the Red Sea destinations, Upper Egypt, and the various oases. For a more traditional experience, you can also venture into the desert on a camel safari, just like the Bedouin nomads have done for centuries. The experience includes a Bedouin dinner and shows, providing an opportunity to learn more about the ancient culture and traditions of these people.

In addition to these adventurous activities, some of the desert’s natural wonders are well worth exploring. These include the White Desert, the Black Desert, the Crystal Mountain, and the Hole Mountain, each with its unique and breathtaking beauty.

Another region that offers a unique desert experience is the Sinai Peninsula. Nestled in the heart of the desert, this mountain range is both visually stunning and religiously significant. There are trekking routes and pilgrimage activities to Mount Sinai and Mount Catherine, which provide an unforgettable and spiritual experience for visitors.

The oases, located within the desert, offer a different kind of experience. These lush green areas have developed their own distinct traditions and customs due to their isolation, and visitors can learn about them through artisan visits and workshops. Examples include visiting the artisans and their workshops in El Fayum or Siwa.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or a more cultural experience, exploring Egypt’s deserts, oases, and Sinai region offers an unforgettable and unique opportunity to discover a side of Egypt that many visitors never see. At Egipto Exclusivo, we can help organize a customized tour that suits your interests and preferences to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.

Explore the Red Sea and Mediterranean Coast of Egypt

Egypt’s Red Sea is a paradise for divers, offering crystal-clear waters and diverse underwater life. Diving is the main attraction in destinations like Hurghada, Dahab, and Sharm El-Sheij, catering to all levels of experience. Snorkeling is also popular for those who prefer to stay closer to the surface. The Blue Hole and Ras Muhammad National Park are must-see locations.

Diving along the Mediterranean coast is less common, but diving among archaeological remains in Alexandria is a unique experience. Semi-submarines and glass-bottom boats are also available for those who prefer to stay dry while enjoying the underwater world. 

Families with children can visit aquariums in coastal cities like Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheij.

The Red Sea is also a popular destination for water sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing in places like Marsa Alam and Berenice. For those who prefer to stay on land, horseback riding is a popular activity offered by many active tourism companies. Horse-drawn carriage rides are also available in tourist cities like Luxor and Edfu.

Egypt offers a wide range of activities for all tastes, and our team at Egipto Exclusivo can help you plan and organize every detail of your trip to ensure the highest quality experience. Contact us today to start planning your adventure.

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