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The Culture of Egypt

The culture of Egypt is a fascinating tourist attraction in itself. Our tours aim to let you experience it firsthand by visiting monuments or immersing yourself in surprisingly captivating folkloric experiences. In this section, we have compiled all the information you need to know about Egypt’s culture, which can be divided into two distinct cultures: modern-day Egypt and Ancient Egypt.

The Culture of Modern-day Egypt: A Pleasant Surprise

Many travelers are pleasantly surprised by the vast wealth and diversity of modern-day Egyptian culture. Although heavily influenced by Islam, the majority religion, there is also a significant presence of Christianity and Judaism. While their followers may not be as numerous, their influence on the history and culture of the country is of great importance.

Apart from religion, this section covers other key aspects of modern-day Egyptian culture, such as its languages, customs and traditions, and gastronomy. We also devote space to the Nile River, which has been integral to the country’s development since its inception.

Additionally, we provide a brief overview of Egypt’s current situation, including interesting data about demographics, ethnic groups of its society, and economic sectors, including tourism, of course. 

The Culture of Ancient Egypt: Enchanting and Enduring

The pharaonic civilization may have ceased to exist long ago, but thanks to Egyptology and tourism, it remains very much alive. To fully experience your trip, especially if it is focused on the culture of Ancient Egypt, it is essential to appreciate their art, architecture, religion, and writing.

Museums like those in Cairo or Luxor, accessible necropolises like Giza or the Valley of the Kings, and captivating temples like those in Abidos or Edfu offer direct contact with the culture of that civilization. With a history spanning several millennia, we offer a chronological timeline to help you better understand it.

Explore all the pages in this section to start enjoying the culture of Egypt before your trip even begins. Our agency can provide you with the best official guides to discover it on-site while in the country, ensuring that you don’t miss a single detail!

History of Egypt

The history of Egypt is one of the richest and most fascinating on the planet. The period of Ancient Egypt is perhaps the most famous and well-known due to its monumental remnants, but after the fall of the Pharaonic civilization, a lot also happened, as we tell you on this page.

General Facts about the country

What is the population of Egypt? How many ethnic groups are there? What are their national symbols like? What kind of state model does it have? These and other questions find their answer on this page, where we offer a succinct overview of this key country in Africa and the Arab world.


Islam is the predominantly major religion in Egypt. But, do you know its key elements? What proportion of Sunnis and Shiites exist? Here, you can learn more about Egyptian Muslims, the main mosques, and other details with which you should familiarize yourself on your trip.


Christianity is deeply rooted in Egypt, specifically the Coptic branch, although there is also the presence of Orthodox and Catholics. This country hosts truly sacred spaces, such as monasteries and biblical sites, be it from the Old or New Testament. We detail all of this here.


Although there are few Jews residing in Egypt today, this religion retains some places of special significance to its followers as they are related to the prophet Moses and other prominent figures. Therefore, we enumerate them on this page, also providing an explanation that gives them context.


Egyptian cuisine is another tourist attraction, especially for travelers interested in popular culture. Here we show you the main features of local gastronomy, as well as the star dishes you should not overlook: fuul medames, kofta, kushari… and a long (and tasty) etcetera.

River Nile

The River Nile has, from time immemorial, structured life in Egypt. It is a source of wealth, an important communication route between the north and the south, and nowadays, a tourist destination in itself thanks to the cruises that sail its waters. More details can be found on this page.


A large part of Egypt’s territory is desert, which is of great interest from a natural perspective. In addition, there are other places of surprising beauty and biodiversity: oases, mountain ranges, underwater fauna, riverside vegetation… Take note and don’t miss any detail during your trip.

Ancient Egypt

The Pharaonic civilization is a draw for any traveler visiting Egypt. So, if you want to acquire basic notions of culture and life during that period, check out this section, where we delve into its religion, architecture, and hieroglyphic writing, which are omnipresent in tourist destinations.