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Trips: Spiritual Journey in Egypt - 16 Days and 15 Nights

Egypt captivates with its grand monuments, rich history, bustling capital, relaxing coast, unique folklore, and authentic cuisine. But did you know it’s also one of the world’s best destinations for self-discovery? That’s the ultimate goal of this spiritual journey in Egypt, which explores the country’s geography to paradoxically arrive at your starting point: the center of your being, the soul’s kilometer 0. Uncover the profound essence of Egypt and embark on a transformative experience.

Explore the Spiritual Beauty of Egypt on a Journey Within

Egypt invites you on a transformative journey, where the vastness of its deserts, the mighty Nile River, and the colorful Red Sea will connect you with your deepest self. Discover the pyramids, temples, and tombs as expert guides unveil their ancient significance. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Cairo and other cities, and find moments of meditation and relaxation to balance body and mind. This spiritual journey to Egypt will leave a lasting imprint and reveal your own greatness.

Delve into the Spiritual Essence of Egypt and Uncover Its Inner Grandeur

Embark on a unique journey into the depths of your being in Egypt, where the expansiveness of the deserts, the magnificence of the Nile River, and the captivating beauty of the Red Sea will inspire you. Explore iconic pyramids, tombs, and temples with expert guides who will reveal their profound meanings. Experience the vibrant modern culture of Cairo and other cities, where mosques, churches, and local traditions come to life. Take time for meditation and relaxation to achieve a perfect balance of body and mind. This spiritual journey to Egypt will leave an enduring mark and allow you to discover your inner greatness.

Specialists in Spiritual Journeys in Egypt: Personalized Tours for Groups and Spiritual Masters

At our agency, we specialize in spiritual journeys through Egypt, offering fully customized tours throughout the country. We focus on working with pre-formed groups and spiritual masters, providing exceptional service based on our deep knowledge of the environment and power spots.

Our team of professionals is committed to providing a unique and transformative experience for every traveler. From meticulous planning to flawless execution of the tour, we stand out for our professionalism and dedication.

Explore the mysteries and ancient spirituality of Egypt in the company of expert guides and immerse yourself in sacred places that will connect you with your inner self. Each itinerary is carefully designed to meet the needs and desires of our group, creating a truly enriching experience.

Join us on this unforgettable spiritual journey and let us guide your steps as you discover the magic and grandeur of Egypt in a unique and meaningful way!

Itinerary for this Spiritual Journey in Egypt

Discover a spiritual journey through Egypt for 16 days and 15 nights, exploring from north to south and from east to west. Immerse yourself in the depths of the country’s interior and explore the most vibrant areas of the coastal regions. This detailed itinerary is just an example of the multiple options that you can customize for your spiritual journey. Design the perfect adventure for yourself in Egypt!

  • Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

  • Day 2: Pyramids of Giza

  • Day 3: Cairo

  • Day 4: Excursion to Alexandria

  • Day 5: Cairo – Aswan

  • Day 6: Abu Simbel – Aswan – Start of the cruise

  • Day 7: Cruise: Aswan – Kom Ombo

  • Day 8: Cruise: Edfu

  • Day 9: Luxor

  • Day 10: Excursion to Abydos and Dendera

  • Day 11: Luxor – Hurghada

  • Day 12: Hurghada

  • Day 13: Private Yacht: Swimming with Dolphins

  • Day 14: Desert Safari and Meditation

  • Day 15: Hurghada

  • Day 16: Hurghada – Return home (via Cairo)

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

This spiritual journey in Egypt begins in the capital, Cairo. You will arrive at the airport by plane, where a representative from our agency will be waiting for you at the terminal to assist with visa procedures (if necessary) and provide a comfortable private transfer to the hotel. All transportation throughout this circuit will be in a private vehicle with a driver for your convenience.

Upon arrival at the hotel, after the check-in process and room allocation, there will be a briefing about this spiritual journey in Egypt. We will provide detailed information about the itinerary and address any specific questions or concerns. After the briefing, you will have free time to explore the city or relax.

  • Arrival in Cairo and pickup by our representative
  • Private transfer to the hotel with a driver
  • Informative briefing about the circuit
  • Overnight stay in a hotel in Cairo

Day 2: Pyramids of Giza

The second day of this spiritual journey through Egypt is an inspiring one, as we visit the archaeological site of Giza, home to the iconic Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. After breakfast at the hotel, we will make our way to this remarkable site.

The Pyramids of Giza, standing for over 4,500 years, symbolize ancient Egypt and represent the power of the pharaohs. The Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), the largest of the three, is followed by the Pyramid of Khafre (Chephren) and the Pyramid of Menkaure (Mycerinus), all built by the pharaohs of the 4th dynasty. The Great Sphinx, a colossal sculpture with the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh, is equally captivating and thought-provoking.

With the guidance of our knowledgeable guide, we will explore the true meaning behind this site and even have the opportunity to visit the interior of the Pyramid of Khufu. It will be a moving experience that invites reflection on eternity, perpetuity, and the truly transcendent aspects of our existence.

After visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site, we will enjoy a well-deserved lunch at a local restaurant. Following lunch, we will return to Cairo, where you will have the afternoon free to explore at your leisure. In the evening, you will once again enjoy a comfortable night’s rest in a luxurious hotel in the Egyptian capital.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Cairo
  • Visit to the Giza necropolis: Pyramids and Great Sphinx
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Free afternoon
  • Overnight stay in a hotel in Cairo

Day 3: Cairo

In this spiritual journey through Egypt, there is also time to discover the intricacies of the largest and most fascinating city in the country: the capital, Cairo. After breakfast at the hotel, we will begin the day with one of those “must-visit” attractions for any traveler: the Egyptian Museum. This museum houses a rich collection of artworks, funerary objects, mummies, and other invaluable pieces dating from different periods of ancient Egypt.

From the Egyptian Museum, we will move on to the medieval heart of the city: Islamic Cairo, the foundational neighborhood of Cairo. Here, you will find some of the most important mosques and charming corners, such as the Khan El Khalili bazaar. The Saladin Citadel, with the Alabaster Mosque inside, is another gem that is part of the itinerary and has contributed to the area’s UNESCO World Heritage status.

In the afternoon, we will visit the Coptic Quarter, which predates the city’s foundation and has strong ties to the early days of Christianity. It is believed to have sheltered the Holy Family (Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary, and Baby Jesus) during their Flight into Egypt, as reflected in some of the churches we will explore. Other temples serve as perfect examples of the Coptic branch of Christianity, one of the most historical and ancient branches of the religion. The Hanging Church and the Church of the Cave (in the eastern part of the city) deserve their rightful place in the program. We will also visit the Ben Ezra Synagogue, a significant symbol for the Cairo Jewish community that still thrives in the city.

This day of sightseeing is also an opportunity to experience the current religiosity and spirituality of the country, which is lived with intensity regardless of the creed one follows.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Cairo
  • Visit to the Egyptian Museum
  • Explore Islamic Cairo, including the bustling Khan El Khalili bazaar
  • Visit the Coptic Quarter
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Overnight stay in a hotel in Cairo

Day 4: Excursion to Alexandria

In this spiritual journey through Egypt, we will also have time to explore the religious sentiments of the ancient Greeks and Romans during their respective periods of dominance in this region. To do so, we will take an excursion to the capital city of that era: Alexandria.

After breakfast at the hotel, we will travel by road to Alexandria. Upon arrival, we will embark on a tour of the city’s most notable sites, including the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, the New Library of Alexandria, and the Qaitbay Citadel, built in the 15th century by Muslims on the site of the famous and now-lost Lighthouse of Alexandria.

After a morning filled with visits to these and other interesting places in Alexandria, we will have lunch at a captivating local restaurant with views of the Mediterranean Sea. In the afternoon, we will return to Cairo for an overnight stay in the capital’s hotel.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Excursion to Alexandria
  • Visit the city:
    • Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa
    • New Library of Alexandria
    • Qaitbay Citadel
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Return to Cairo
  • Overnight stay in a hotel in Cairo

Day 5: Cairo - Aswan

On the fifth day of this itinerary, we change scenery and leave the capital to travel to Upper Egypt, specifically to Aswan. After breakfast at the hotel, our driver will transfer you to the airport to catch a direct flight to this city located in the southernmost part of the country.

Upon arrival, another driver from our agency will pick you up, along with a guide, and take you directly to one of the most beautiful monuments in the vicinity of Aswan: the Temple of Isis in Philae. There, you will visit this sacred space filled with solemnity, dedicated to the Egyptian goddess of magic and love. This visit will not only be a tourist experience but also a spiritual one, enhanced by the location of this complex on a small island lush with vegetation in the waters of the Nile.

Later, you will get a glimpse of one of the highlights of this spiritual journey to Egypt: sailing the Nile on a traditional luxury sailboat called a dahabiya. Although the sailing will start the next day, at this point, we will do the check-in and you can get acquainted with the boat, which will be your home for the following days.

The afternoon is free, making it a good time to visit the many points of interest in Aswan, such as Elephantine Island, the Unfinished Obelisk Quarry, or the Nubian Village, among others. Dinner on this day is included in the package and will be served on board the sailboat, where you will also spend the night, while the dahabiya remains docked at the port on the Nile in Aswan.

A dahabiya, often spelled dahabeah or dahabeya, is a traditional passenger boat used to navigate the waters of the Nile River in Egypt. It is a flat-bottomed boat that can carry one or two sails, depending on its size. As can be seen in the paintings and reliefs in tombs and temples of ancient Egypt, this type of vessel was already used during the pharaonic period, and its use continued for some time. In fact, its name may derive from the Arabic word for “gold” (pronounced “dhahab”), as it may have resembled the golden barges used by Muslim rulers of Egypt in the Middle Ages.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Cairo
  • Transfer to the airport and flight to Aswan
  • Pickup and transfer to the Temple of Isis in Philae. Guided tour
  • Check-in on the cruise
  • Free afternoon in Aswan
  • Dinner on board and overnight stay on the boat in Aswan

Day 6: Abu Simbel - Aswan - Start of the cruise

On the sixth day of this spiritual journey to Egypt, we will wake up very early because a unique experience awaits us: a visit to the temples of Abu Simbel. We will depart at dawn to make the most of the time, witnessing the sunrise during our road trip to the southernmost part of the country. Breakfast will be on the go, with a delicious Breakfast Box that will provide us with the necessary strength for these early hours of the day.

In Abu Simbel, we will discover temples full of beauty. Ramses II had them built in the 13th century BC as a show of power to his enemies, the Nubians, in a border territory with them. He also wanted to immortalize himself with a temple dedicated to his own worship, along with other gods. And he did not forget his beloved Nefertari, who is prominently featured in the second temple. Our guide will narrate this inspiring story and teach us about it. Additionally, we will uncover a place filled with energy, exuding the power of a pharaoh and an entire civilization that erected such imposing structures.

These temples were once in communion with their surroundings, situated on the banks of the Nile at a lower elevation. They still are, even after being relocated stone by stone in the 1960s to a man-made location: Lake Nasser, created as a result of the Nile River’s damming after the construction of the Aswan Dam. The result is magnificent: a vast body of freshwater, several hundred kilometers long, demonstrating once again the human capacity to undertake grand projects when determined to do so.

At noon, we will begin our return journey to Aswan, where the cruise awaits us for lunch and, finally, the start of the dahabiya Nile cruise. This traditional sailboat glides along the river at a slower pace than a motorized vessel, allowing for a more leisurely journey that invites personal reflection and contemplation.

That will be the goal for the afternoon until dinnertime and mooring: we will anchor on an island in the middle of the Nile, where tranquility reigns, providing an ideal setting for spending the night on this sixth day.

  • Early morning departure to Abu Simbel
  • Breakfast on the go (Breakfast Box)
  • Guided tour of the temples of Abu Simbel
  • Return to Aswan
  • Lunch on board and start of the dahabiya cruise
  • Navigation along the waters of the Nile
  • Dinner and overnight stay on board, anchored on a Nile island

Day 7: Cruise: Aswan - Kom Ombo

On the seventh day of this spiritual journey to Egypt, we will continue to experience the relaxing sensation of sailing the Nile on a traditional boat. The cruise will start early in the morning, and breakfast will be served on board as we glide along the waters of this sacred river.

At a peaceful and leisurely pace, characteristic of the dahabiya, we will arrive in Kom Ombo in the morning. It will welcome us impressively from the riverbank, as its grand temple from the Ptolemaic period is located there. The temple is dedicated to the gods Haroeris (Horus the Elder, the supreme god) and Sobek. Sobek, the god of fertility, is depicted with a crocodile head. Therefore, references to this animal are abundant, especially its mummies, which are preserved and exhibited in the adjacent Crocodile Museum.

Upon returning to the cruise, we will continue our relaxing journey, delighting in the attractions of the landscape, including Gebel el-Silsila, an Ancient Egyptian sculpture workshop whose remains can still be seen on the banks of the Nile. However, the afternoon will be a very special moment in this spiritual journey to Egypt because we will have our ‘baptism’ in the river after setting foot on one of the most beautiful islands in this sacred waterway. It will be an ideal place to engage in a meditation activity to absorb the positive energy radiating from the surroundings.

  • Start of the dahabiya cruise
  • Breakfast on board
  • Visit to Kom Ombo
  • Lunch on board
  • Nile baptism with meditation session
  • Dinner and overnight stay on board

Day 8: Cruise: Edfu

On the eighth day of this spiritual journey in Egypt, we will also spend our time on board the dahabiya, visiting places of great interest and experiencing the peace of sailing the Nile firsthand, with the gentle caress of the breeze on our faces. This sensation will accompany us during breakfast and throughout the rest of the day.

The scheduled visit for this day is the Temple of Edfu, the second largest temple in the country, second only to the Karnak Temple in Luxor. Its enormous entrance pylons, grand hypostyle hall, and Boat Room are some of the most special areas of the complex. They exude a genuine spirituality that has not been lost despite the passage of millennia.

After uncovering all its secrets with our expert guide, we will return on board to continue sailing downstream, following the natural course of the river. This will take us to Esna, where the famous lock is located, regulating the water flow and enabling navigation at any time of the year. Dinner and overnight stay will also be on board the dahabiya.

  • Breakfast on board the dahabiya
  • Visit to the Temple of Edfu
  • Continued journey and arrival in Esna
  • Lunch, dinner, and overnight stay on board

Day 9: Luxor

On the ninth day, our Nile cruise on the magical dahabiya concludes as we arrive in Luxor. After breakfast, we will check out. This day holds great significance within this spiritual journey to Egypt, as we will explore some of the most sacred sites of the ancient Pharaonic civilization, declared UNESCO World Heritage sites.

During the first part of the day, we will focus on discovering the eastern part of Luxor, which was known as Thebes in Ancient Egypt and served as the capital of the kingdom for many centuries. It was here that the clergy of Amun, with their high priests, governed the spirituality of this civilization. Our visit will include the two grand sacred complexes of that time: the Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple, both of unparalleled magnificence and connected by the Avenue of Sphinxes. We will also delve into the secrets of the healing goddess Sekhmet, who can still be a source of inspiration and protection today.

The highlight of our visits will be the sunset, enhancing the beauty of these monuments and infusing them with an even greater sense of sacredness. Afterwards, we will check into our hotel, have dinner, and rest, enjoying a well-deserved rejuvenating moment after an intense day of exploration.

  • Breakfast on board
  • Check-out from the cruise
  • Visits to the eastern area of Thebes:
    • Luxor Temple
    • Karnak Temples
  • Check-in at the hotel
  • Dinner and overnight stay in Luxor hotel

Day 10: Excursion to Abydos and Dendera

If the previous day was intense in terms of sacred visits, the tenth day of this spiritual journey in Egypt is no less extraordinary. We have ahead of us an excursion to two of the most important sites for the religion of the ancient civilization: Abydos and Dendera.

After a rich and energizing breakfast, we will travel by road to Abydos. Here, a site combining beauty and mysticism awaits us, featuring the funerary temple of Pharaoh Seti I (19th Dynasty) and the worship center of Osiris, the god of the afterlife, where the greatest pilgrimage in Ancient Egypt ended. People from all walks of life traveled here in search of the longed-for eternity.

After uncovering the fascinating secrets of Abydos, we will make our way to Dendera, home to the famous Temple of Hathor, the celestial mother goddess represented by the spectacular polychrome columns. Built during the Ptolemaic period, the temple gained significant symbolic and astrological importance, as evidenced by its famous Zodiac and the grand fluvial procession that used to take place to Edfu.

Thanks to our guide, Abydos and Dendera will no longer hold any secrets, allowing us to delve into the captivating spirituality associated with both temples, which will undoubtedly provide valuable teachings to apply in the present. In the afternoon, we will return to Luxor to rest at the hotel for the night.

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Luxor
  • Excursion to Abydos
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Excursion to Dendera
  • Return to Luxor and overnight stay at the hotel

Day 11: Luxor - Hurghada

The attractions of Luxor are not limited to the eastern side, far from it. Its western part also houses immensely important monuments, as we will discover on the eleventh day of our spiritual journey in Egypt. In fact, it is here that we find the sites most closely related to the sensibilities of the individuals who formed the complex society of Ancient Egypt.

Therefore, after breakfast at the hotel and checking out, we will travel in a private vehicle to explore the most significant locations in the western sector of Ancient Thebes. Among them, the Valley of the Kings stands out. This necropolis was primarily used by pharaohs from the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties. We will also visit the funerary temple of the pharaoh queen Hatshepsut, located in the Deir el-Bahari complex. And we cannot forget the imposing Colossi of Memnon, which are likely representations of Amenhotep III from his funerary temple.

Once we have concluded our visit to Ancient Western Thebes, we will have a complete change of scenery. We will board our comfortable vehicle and travel to the Red Sea, specifically to the city of Hurghada. Here, a resort with all the comforts awaits you for the remainder of your spiritual journey in Egypt. Arrival is expected in the late part of the day, allowing time for check-in and a delicious dinner.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Check-out
  • Visit to Western Thebes:
    • Valley of the Kings
    • Temple of Hatshepsut
    • Colossi of Memnon
  • Road trip to Hurghada
  • Arrival and check-in
  • Dinner and overnight stay at a resort in Hurghada

Day 12: Hurghada

In this spiritual journey in Egypt, Hurghada plays a fundamental role: providing the necessary final rest to replenish your energy after almost two weeks of travel, so that you return home fully revitalized. That’s why you will be staying at an all-inclusive resort in this Red Sea city.

As a result, the first of the five days spent here will be completely free. This presents an excellent opportunity to enjoy at your own pace the spectacular beaches with fine sand and crystal-clear waters located right by the resort. There are no schedules to follow, and your only obligation is to relax in an incomparable atmosphere.

  • Free day in Hurghada
  • All-inclusive (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Overnight stay at a resort in Hurghada

Day 13: Private Yacht: Swimming with Dolphins

Often, our greatest source of inspiration is nature and the beings that inhabit it. And we will experience this on the thirteenth day of our spiritual journey in Egypt. We will spend this day aboard a private yacht, sailing the waters of the Red Sea in search of its most illustrious inhabitants: dolphins.

If conditions are favorable, we will have the opportunity to swim with these sociable, intelligent, and almost magical animals in their natural environment. Here, they emit low-frequency vibrations to communicate and, above all, their positive energy vibrations. This experience will undoubtedly captivate us and provide us with a new perspective on everything that surrounds us and our own inner being.

Additionally, we can snorkel in open waters, suitable for all skill levels, allowing us to discover the extraordinary underwater richness of the Red Sea. Here, fish and corals of all colors thrive!

Of course, sailing in open sea will offer us that pleasant sensation of freedom, with the breeze on our faces, the smell of salt, and the generous sun that bathes this privileged corner of Egypt.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Full day on a private yacht, with the possibility of:
    • Swimming with dolphins
    • Snorkeling
    • Meditation session
  • Lunch on board
  • Dinner and overnight stay at a resort in Hurghada

Day 14: Desert Safari and Meditation

The sea is an endless attraction in Hurghada, so you can spend the first part of this day enjoying its beautiful beaches after breakfast at the hotel. But in this peaceful coastal city, there is much more than just beautiful beaches: if we venture into the interior, we will feel the great beauty and energy of the desert. And on this spiritual journey in Egypt, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to experience it.

Therefore, the second part of this fourteenth day includes an activity that combines an adrenaline rush with complete relaxation: a desert safari, where we will venture into the desert in 4×4 vehicles or quads. This will take us to a remote Bedouin village, where the customs and traditions of ancestral nomads are still preserved.

Once again, the highlight of the day will be the sunset, which takes on particularly intense colors in the desert. Illuminated by that magical and sacred light, we will engage in a meditation session where time seems to stand still.

Afterward, under a sky filled with shining stars, we will return to the resort to enjoy dinner and rest.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Free morning at the beaches of Hurghada
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • 4×4 Desert Safari
  • Sunset meditation session
  • Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

Day 15: Hurghada

This will be the penultimate day of our spiritual journey in Egypt. It’s a good time to reflect, chat, and share experiences from the past two weeks. Therefore, the day is left open for everyone to make the most of the remaining hours of the vacation as they prefer: relaxing again on the beaches near the resort, participating in additional activities not included in the program, etc.

  • Free day in Hurghada
  • All-inclusive at the resort (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Overnight stay at the resort

Day 16: Hurghada - Return Home (via Cairo)

On this day, our spiritual journey in Egypt comes to an end, and a program will be organized to ensure a comfortable transfer to the airport. After breakfast at the hotel, our driver will pick you up at the agreed-upon time to take you to Hurghada Airport. From there, the plane will depart for Cairo, where you will have a layover before flying back home.

This will be the moment of farewell, with the hope of a future reunion and, above all, the hope that this spiritual journey in Egypt has helped you reconnect with yourself and replenish the energy that resides within.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Pickup and transfer to Hurghada Airport in a private vehicle with a driver
  • Flight to Cairo and return home

What's included in this itinerary

The included services in this trip are diverse and of the highest quality, ensuring a comfortable experience every day:

  • Airport pickup and transfers
  • Bus or private vehicle with driver throughout the circuit, depending on the group size
  • Domestic flights (Cairo – Aswan, Hurghada – Cairo)
  • 4 nights hotel accommodation in Cairo on an all-inclusive basis
  • 5 nights on a dahabiya for the cruise, on an all-inclusive basis (excluding beverages)
  • 2 nights hotel accommodation in Luxor on a half-board basis
  • 4 nights in a luxury resort in Hurghada on an all-inclusive basis
  • Internet cards
  • Entrance tickets to the monuments described in the itinerary
  • One day desert safari in Hurghada
  • A full day on a private yacht in the Red Sea
  • All travel taxes

What's not included

The following services are not included in this spiritual journey to Egypt and are at the discretion of each traveler:

  • International flights
  • PCR tests for entry and exit from the country
  • Personal expenses
  • Additional visits and experiences, such as:
    • Sound and light show at the Pyramids: $40 per person
    • Hot air balloon ride in Luxor: $100 per person
    • Tips for the cruise ($45 per person)
    • Tips for guides
    • Beverages

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