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Egypt Visa: How to Obtain It and Who Needs to Apply

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, obtaining a visa is a necessary requirement. However, the process of obtaining one can be quite daunting if you’re not familiar with the process. In this article, we offer detailed information on how to obtain an Egypt visa, who needs to apply for one, and other pertinent issues. If you prefer to have a professional and experienced agency take care of your visa processing, Egipto Exclusivo can help.

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Who Needs to Obtain a Visa for Egypt?

Tourists from practically all countries around the world must apply for a visa for their trip to Egypt. The only exception to this requirement are citizens of some Arab states that have an agreement with Egypt.

The price of an Egypt visa is generally $25, which can be paid in euros or pounds sterling as well. The visa is valid for 30 days, but you can extend this period once you are in the country (see the section ‘Extending the Visa to Egypt’ below). 

If you plan to enter and leave the country on different occasions but within the 30-day limit, you may opt for a ‘multiple-entry visa.’

There are two primary ways to obtain an Egypt visa: the traditional visa and the electronic visa.

Traditional Visa

There are two ways to obtain a traditional visa to Egypt:

  • Upon arrival in the country, you can get a visa on arrival at the booths set up for this purpose at the arrival airport (or at the port of Nuweiba for those coming from Jordan). These are stickers that must be presented at the immigration office counters located in the same terminal.
  • In person at the Egyptian embassy in your country, if it has one. However, this option is not available at all embassies, so we recommend that you check with your country’s embassy if this is the method you want to follow to obtain your visa to Egypt.

This option is valid for all tourists, regardless of their place of origin.

Requirements for travel to Egypt

Electronic Visa

The electronic visa is the simplest way to obtain a visa for Egypt for tourist purposes, but it’s not available in all countries. Currently, it’s only available in some geographic areas of Europe, North America, Oceania, and the Far East, including:

  • Europe: Albania, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Monaco, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Vatican City, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom
  • North America: United States
  • Asia: South Korea, Japan
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

If you are from any of these countries, you can access the official website of Egypt Visa, which is managed by the Ministry of Interior of Egypt, and complete the procedure at least seven days before your arrival in the country.

The prices are the same: $25 for a single entry and $60 for multiple entries.

Sinai Visas: An Exception to Keep in Mind

If you’re planning to travel to the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula, you should know that it has a special and differentiated treatment regarding visas to Egypt. Travelers to this area can obtain a free visa for a period of 15 days, which can be obtained at the border tourist destination of Taba or at Sharm El-Sheij airport.

It’s important to note that this free visa only covers certain places, including Sharm El-Sheij, Taba, Dahab, Nuweiba, and St. Catherine’s Monastery. However, Ras Muhammad National Park is not included in this permit.

Requirements to Obtain the Visa

To obtain the visa to Egypt, you will need to provide the following documents at the time of arrival in the country:

  • A valid passport for a period of at least 8 months, counted from the moment of arrival
  • A printout of the electronic visa, if you processed it through this method
  • A travel itinerary
  • Hotel reservations or proof of the type of accommodation you’ll be staying in while in the country
  • If you won’t be staying in tourist establishments, you’ll need to attach an invitation letter for visits to relatives, or a company letter if the trip is related to business matters.

Extending Your Visa in Egypt

30 days might not be enough for all the amazing things there are to see and do in Egypt! If you want to stay in Egypt longer than your initial 30-day tourist visa allows, you have the option to extend it. The cost for this extension is approximately 15 Egyptian pounds (LE), depending on where you apply. You can also apply for a multiple entry visa extension, which costs around 61 LE.

While obtaining a visa extension is generally not a problem, the waiting time can be tedious. If you apply for an extension after your visa has expired, you will be charged a penalty of approximately 100 LE. However, if you leave the country after your visa has expired, you will have to pay a fine of around 135 LE at the airport upon departure.

Here’s a list of offices where you can apply for a visa extension in Egypt:

  • Alexandria: 25 Sharia Talaat Harb
  • Aswan: Corniche An Nil, Police Building
  • Cairo (for extensions with an address in Giza): El Shorta Tower, Sharia Nawal
  • Cairo: Mogamma Building, Tahrir Square
  • Luxor: Sharia Khaled Ibn Al Walid
  • Minya: Corniche An Nil, Post Office Building

If you have the free Sinai visa, which is available to travelers visiting Sharm El-Sheikh, Taba, Dahab, Nuweiba, and St. Catherine’s Monastery, you can also extend it. This option is available at the Sharm El-Sheikh airport office and is useful for those who wish to extend their stay in the Red Sea area or take a trip to other parts of Egypt. However, please note that Ras Muhammad National Park is not included in this permit.

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Obtaining an Egypt visa can be a complex process due to the many types of visas and varying requirements. Moreover, the constantly changing situation of tourism in Egypt can modify the visa requirements, adding to the confusion. Language barriers can also make it challenging to navigate through the visa process, particularly for those who don’t speak Arabic or English.

To avoid any complications related to the visa process, Egipto Exclusivo recommends using a trustworthy agency that can handle the visa processing on your behalf. By choosing Egipto Exclusivo, you’ll have access to a professional who will meet you at the airport and help you purchase the visa adhesive and present it at the immigration offices. If any problems arise, Egipto Exclusivo will also provide assistance.

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