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This is Egipto Exclusivo your trusted agency in Egypt.

At Egipto Exclusivo, we recognize that every traveler is unique, with their own dreams and desires. That’s why we have created a space where the magic of ancient Egypt merges with the most refined exclusivity and luxury. Imagine waking up in a boutique hotel by the Nile, surrounded by millennia-old artifacts and views that tell stories of pharaohs, or enjoying a dinner under the stars in a desert oasis. That’s what we offer you: a tailor-made experience, meticulously designed, where every detail matters.

But what really sets Egipto Exclusivo apart is our personal approach. Every trip is an exclusive, private project, conceived just for you. We don’t sell packages; we create personalized experiences. From a private visit to the Giza pyramids to a serene Nile cruise, we ensure a unique service and unparalleled attention.

Our legacy with Mandala Tours has endowed us with a deep knowledge of Egypt. As a company with Spanish roots, we understand your expectations and needs. Egypt is our home, and we are excited to reveal to you its most genuine and spectacular side, always with a touch of elegance and distinction. Our commitment is simple: to show you an Egypt where the ancient and the modern intertwine, all with unmatched charm and exclusivity.

At Egipto Exclusivo, we don’t just take you to Egypt, we immerse you in its soul, its essence, through experiences that go beyond the conventional. Are you ready to explore Egypt in a way you’ve never imagined? Contact us, and together, we will create the journey of your dreams.


Oficina Mandala Tours
Egipto Exclusivo – Mandala Tours Office

The story of Mandala Tours began in 2011 with a dream: to become one of the best agencies specializing in the Arab world and the Middle East. Our original project focused on Morocco Tourism, offering unforgettable trips to this fascinating country. Over time, we decided to expand our horizons and venture into the exciting territory of Egypt.

Egipto Exclusivo, our largest office, was established in Egypt, strategically located in the heart of the Middle East. We recognized that Egypt, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and privileged location, would allow us to cover and explore the entire Middle East with excellence. Thus, we specialized in both Egypt and other destinations in the region, creating a unique and diverse offering for our travelers.

Our dream is to make people discover another side of these countries, breaking prejudices and allowing them to immerse themselves in an authentic cultural experience. We believe in the importance of having local and specialized staff, who act as hosts so that our travelers feel at home and can deeply understand each destination. Through our expert guides and local collaborators, we strive to provide authenticity and a genuine connection with the culture, history, and traditions of these fascinating countries.

At Mandala Tours, our goal is to go beyond the conventional and offer unique and enriching experiences. We want our travelers to discover hidden treasures, lesser-known corners, and unknown stories that make each destination a gem to explore. We are proud to break barriers and allow our travelers to see beyond stereotypes, so they can appreciate the beauty, hospitality, and cultural diversity these countries have to offer.

In summary, Mandala Tours was born with the goal of offering exceptional travels in the Arab world and the Middle East. Through our specialized approach and our passionate local team, we want our travelers to live an authentic experience, feel at home, and discover the cultural richness of these countries in a unique and memorable way.

Our Tailored and Personalized Services

At Egipto Exclusivo, we can organize your entire trip, providing all the services you need from the moment you land until you head back home. What really sets us apart is our flexibility, as we are capable of planning the entire program tailored and in detail, meeting all kinds of demands. This is what makes us the trusted agency in Egypt for so many clients.

If you wish, we offer numerous trips that you can hire in package format, with most services included. But we can also modify those proposals or design a trip from scratch, with other destinations and different services. Here we show you more specifically what we offer.


24-hour service

Transportation, by any means

At Egipto Exclusivo, we understand that transportation is one of the most important services in any trip. Therefore, it is also one of our specialties. We have drivers of the utmost professionalism and punctuality, with comfortable vehicles for all types of road travel, both urban and long-distance. We also handle booking domestic flights as needed to streamline your itinerary. Additionally, we take care of boat mobility solutions, whether through Nile cruises or coastal destination journeys.

Personalized service

Accommodation Reservation

Egipto Exclusivo operates throughout the country, so we are accustomed to booking a wide variety of accommodations for our clients. We have a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts where the quality of experience is guaranteed. But we can also find other solutions tailored to each group, both in terms of the category of accommodation and its type: cruises on large motor vessels or luxury sailing boats, beachfront family apartments or houses located outside the city...


Guided Tours to Monuments

Any trip to this great country must include sightseeing tours of monuments, from ancient to medieval and modern times. And your trusted agency in Egypt should handle the entire package: purchasing tickets and providing a licensed official guide from the Ministry of Tourism. That's exactly what Egipto Exclusivo does: on this page, you can consult our most frequent guides, who are proficient in various languages. But if your request includes other requirements, we will also take care of it.

asistencia Who we are

In-Person Assistance During Your Trip

Of course, during your trip you will have free time for shopping, resting or any other activity you consider appropriate. But it is also important to have a reliable agency in Egypt to provide assistance at certain times, as the difference in language and culture can complicate things for any tourist. Therefore, Egipto Exclusivo will provide you with an assistant whenever you need one: for example, upon arrival in the country to help you with visa formalities, in important transfers or in any other situation you ask us to help you.

Restaurant reservations

Reservations for Restaurants and Gastronomic Experiences

Gastronomy is always one of the great attractions of any trip. And in Egypt, it's no exception. But if the wrong restaurant or service is reserved, it can be a source of dissatisfaction. Therefore, our agency takes care of managing the best places for your trip, both in quality, authenticity, and location. Thanks to our years of experience, we can say we know a wide range of options for any budget and taste.

Freedom of movement

Leisure Experiences

If, in addition to visiting the country's main monuments, you wish to engage in leisure and entertainment activities, Egipto Exclusivo can propose a variety of experiences, reserving them for you. Some options involve adventure and sport, like diving in the Red Sea, desert safaris, or fishing on Lake Nasser. Others, however, are more relaxed and suitable for all audiences, like hot air balloon rides or belly dance performances, among others.

and much more

... and Much More

But the list of services we offer doesn't end there. We want to be your trusted agency in Egypt, so we are open to addressing any need or desire that may arise. From a shopping day with a personal shopper to a meditation and relaxation experience in the desert, including religious activities related to pilgrimage trips. If it can be done, Egipto Exclusivo will make it happen.

Our Professionals: Who's Behind Your Trusted Agency in Egypt

Behind this constantly evolving tourism project, there are people working hard to make it possible. So here we present the list of professionals that make up Egipto Exclusivo, your specialized travel agency in Egypt.

Carlos Gallego Fernández
Carlos Gallego
CEO & Founder

Behind every unforgettable experience, there is a story, and ours begins with Carlos Gallego, the founder of Mandala Tours. In 2011, Carlos embarked on an exciting journey with Turismo Marruecos, a leading agency in trips to Morocco, with a dream in mind: to create a leading agency in the Arab world and the Middle East that would challenge stereotypes and prejudices, offering a completely new perspective to travelers of these countries.

Carlos, influenced by his maternal grandfather who was raised in Morocco, was captivated from a young age by the fascination of this country. His childhood stories awakened in him an unbreakable passion for discovering the authenticity and hidden beauty of the Arab world. Additionally, his upbringing in Ceuta, a city that blends cultures and is in close proximity to Morocco, gave him a multicultural perspective and a deep connection with the region.

At Egipto Exclusivo, we share Carlos’s commitment to challenging stereotypes and showing travelers a unique and authentic view of the Middle East. We work tirelessly to offer exceptional and sustainable travel experiences, collaborating closely with local staff and communities to ensure a positive and lasting impact.

Ahmed El Tayeb Egipto Exclusivo
Ahmed El Tayeb
Director Middle East

Ahmed El Tayeb, co-founder of Egipto Exclusivo, is a key figure in our team. With extensive experience in Egypt’s tourism sector, Ahmed comes from a family with several generations dedicated to this industry. He literally has tourism in his blood, as his father started this activity more than 30 years ago. His connection to the world of tourism dates back to his childhood in Luxor, a city majestically built upon ancient Thebes.

Ahmed’s mission is to organize each of our services with meticulous attention to detail. With his deep knowledge of Egypt’s cultural heritage and history, he is the architect of unforgettable experiences for travelers like you. His dedication and enthusiasm are reflected in every aspect of our itineraries, from the iconic monuments to hidden corners and interactions with local culture.

Ahmed shares the same dream as Carlos Gallego: to become a benchmark in the Middle East and the Arab world. With his passion and commitment to excellence, we strive to make Mandala Tours as well as Egipto Exclusivo the leading agency for travel to Egypt and beyond.

With Ahmed on board, we are proud to have a dedicated team that shares the desire to provide you with an unforgettable experience in this country full of wonders. Let us turn your travel dreams into reality while Ahmed and our team tirelessly work to make each moment an authentic and exceptional experience in Egypt. Get ready for an unforgettable journey in the expert hands of Ahmed El Tayeb and Egipto Exclusivo!

Leticia Mata Egipto Exclusivo
Leticia Mata
Head of Administration Dept.

Leticia Mata is our irreplaceable Head of Administration, the backbone of our organization, who meticulously oversees the operation of all our services and the comprehensive documentation of them. As a professional Social Worker and Educator, Leticia has used her expertise to shape and direct our NGO, ensuring that our efforts are always oriented towards the most disadvantaged groups.

Born and raised in the historic city of Granada, her passion for travel and knowledge of diverse cultures have provided her with a unique and invaluable perspective, enabling us to understand and more effectively assist needy communities.

Her mission, which is also the core of our NGO, is to coordinate and continually seek new ways to support those who need it most. Leticia inspires us with her relentless dedication and commitment, taking our work to new heights. With her at the helm of our administration, we are confident that we can make a real difference in the lives of the people we serve.

Leticia’s resilient spirit and passion for helping others form the essence of our organization. Through her leadership, we strive every day to build a more equitable and compassionate world. We are fortunate to have such a committed and passionate leader as Leticia Mata heading our administration.

Sara Samir Mandala Tours
Sara Samir
Head of Office

Sara Samir, our young and talented Office Manager at Egipto Exclusivo, exemplifies that age does not dictate responsibility. Her role is pivotal in our travel agency, where she has become an indispensable figure in the tourism sector, a perfect travel companion due to her professionalism and warmth.

With a maturity that belies her years, Sara skillfully and passionately embraces the challenge of crafting tailor-made itineraries. Her meticulous focus on every detail ensures that each journey not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations. Every route she designs reflects her dedication to offering unique and memorable experiences, ranging from historical monuments to hidden treasures and rich cultural encounters.

Born and raised in Egypt, Sara possesses an authentic knowledge and deep love for her culture, enriching every aspect of her work. This passion, combined with a wisdom and understanding of the tourism world that goes beyond her youth, is key to the success and uniqueness of our trips. Her impeccable management and meticulous attention to detail are the foundation of her success in ensuring the utmost satisfaction of each client. With Sara at the helm, every journey becomes an unforgettable and deeply enriching experience.

Yasmin Mostafa Egipto Exclusivo
Yasmin Mostafa
Travel Advisor

Yasmin Mostafa, one of our outstanding tour designers, epitomizes diligence, kindness, and scholarship, proudly embodying the essence of an exceptional Arab worker. We consider ourselves lucky to have her on our Egipto Exclusivo team, and even luckier are our clients, who benefit from her ability to design unforgettable travel experiences.

While Yasmin is an undisputed expert in all things Egypt, her knowledge and skills extend beyond geography and history. She is a master at building relationships with travelers, putting people at ease with her innate kindness and genuine desire to provide the best possible experience. She always has a kind word for everyone and is known for her insightful suggestions that enhance each journey.

Yasmin guides you not only through Egypt’s stunning landscapes but also immerses you in the country’s culture and traditions, offering a truly authentic experience. Her passion for her culture and her dedication to sharing it with others are tangible in every aspect of her work.

Marwa Egipto Exclusivo
Marwa Abdullah
Reservation Manager

As the Reservation Manager at Egipto Exclusivo, Marwa A. performs masterfully in her mission to make everything flow perfectly. She is the orchestra conductor behind the scenes, ensuring that each component of your trip is in harmony to offer you an unparalleled travel experience.

Marwa meticulously ensures that everything stipulated in the program is perfectly fulfilled. Whether making service reservations or coordinating with our suppliers, Marwa ensures that every detail is perfectly aligned. With her demand for precision and attention to detail, she ensures our suppliers are punctual, diligent, and capable of meeting, and even exceeding, the expectations of the most demanding traveler.

With her dedication and professionalism, Marwa has become a fundamental part of Egipto Exclusivo. She is the guarantee that everything will run smoothly during your trip, and her tireless work and commitment ensure that each client receives service that exceeds their expectations. With Marwa in charge of reservations, you can relax and enjoy your trip, knowing that every detail has been carefully planned and coordinated for your comfort and enjoyment.

Shaima Egipto Exclusivo
Shaima Mohamed
Travel Advisor

At Egipto Exclusivo, we take pride in offering unique and personalized travel experiences that allow our visitors to immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of the land of the pharaohs. A key figure in our team is Shaima Mohamed, an outstanding advisor and designer of private and tailor-made trips.

Shaima, who graduated in Spanish from the Al-Alsun Faculty of Languages, has been immersed in the tourism sector since 2017. Her extensive knowledge of Egypt, combined with her undeniable passion for traveling and discovering new places, enables her to design fascinating and authentic itineraries that offer a deep understanding of our beautiful country.

But what truly sets Shaima apart is her genuine love for people. She delights in interacting with our travelers, learning about their interests and expectations, and from there, creating personalized experiences that surpass their wildest fantasies. Her personalized approach and commitment to customer satisfaction are reflected in every trip we design at Egipto Exclusivo.

Shaima is also characterized by being extremely organized and methodical. Every detail of your trip will be meticulously planned to ensure flawless execution and make every moment in Egypt unforgettable. Her exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills guarantee that each journey is not only enriching in experiences but also efficiently planned.

Mary Essam Egipto Exclusivo
Mary Essam
Travel Advisor

Mary Essam is a passionate scholar of the Spanish language, graduated from the prestigious Faculty of Al-Alsun Ain Shams. At only 27 years old, Mary has become a part of our team at Egipto Exclusivo, and her youth only serves to enhance her dedication and tireless energy.

In her free time, Mary immerses herself in the richness of Hispanic culture, enjoying its music and literature. She loves reading books in Spanish, which not only perfects her language skills but also gives her a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture.

Mary is an enthusiast of culture and history, and this passion is reflected in her work. Her love for Egypt and its rich cultural heritage combines with her interest in the Hispanic world, creating a synthesis that brings a unique perspective to our team.

But what truly sets Mary apart is her love for customer service. She understands that each trip is an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime and experiences that will leave an indelible mark. With this goal in mind, she strives to ensure that every client leaves with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

Mary doesn’t see clients as mere names on a reservation, but as individuals with their own stories and dreams. This perspective allows her to personalize each travel experience, ensuring that every detail is in tune with the traveler’s expectations and desires.

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