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Baba Ganoush: how is this dish so present in Egypt?

Baba Ganoush is a very common dish in the Arab Mediterranean gastronomy. In fact, its origin could be in Lebanon, but the truth is that you will have no problem finding it in Egyptian restaurants. In these lines we tell you what this culinary delight consists of, which is not only tasty, but also very healthy.

What is Baba Ganoush Baba Ganoush and what is in it

At first glance, the Baba Ganoush may remind you of hummus. And not by chance: it is a very similar cream, but with a big difference: while hummus is made from mashed chickpeas, Baba Ganoush is made with eggplants. Therefore, it is an ideal dish to use as a fridge base and, of course, an unbeatable option for vegans or vegetarians and, in general, for all those who wish to eat healthy.

The following is a list of ingredients that are usually included in the Baba Ganoush:

  • Eggplants, medium
  • Tahini, a paste made from ground sesame seeds. This will help to give more consistency to the cream.
  • Lemon juice
  • Cumin
  • Olive oil
  • Salt

In any case, these are only the most common ones because, like any other dish, the ingredients depend on each cook and it is possible to give it a very personalized twist.

Baba Ganoush Egyptian Gastronomy
Baba Ganoush Egyptian recipe

How it is prepared and how it is eaten

The traditional way to prepare Baba Ganoush is to smoke the grilled eggplants over the embers of a barbecue or bonfire. But of course, it is easier and more practical to roast them in the oven. Roasting time varies: they are ready when they are soft on all sides and the skin is blackened. Then, after cooling, peel the eggplants, mash them and add the rest of the ingredients. To mix them, it can be done by hand, as it has always been done. 

Finally, to present and eat it, it is usually served at room temperature as an appetizer in a bowl, with an extra drizzle of olive oil and sprinkled sesame, for example. That bowl will be accompanied by pita bread or toasted bread, since the idea is to spread the Baba Ganoush on that bread and… in you go! 

Baba Ganoush it is a good choice at any time of the day: some people eat it with toast for breakfast, some as a starter at lunch, some snack between meals, some as a filling for a snack at afternoon snack…

And if in addition to tasting Baba Ganoush you want to do it in Egypt, you will have it easy. This is a very common dish in restaurants throughout the country, from Luxor to Dahab, for example. So if you want to eat it in a local restaurant where it is served in the traditional way along with other typical dishes such as
Ful Medames
If you are planning your trip, do not hesitate to contact our agency: we can organize your trip down to the last detail, including breakfasts, lunches and dinners that you wish to enjoy during your stay in the country.


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