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These are the best obelisks in Egypt

The obelisks of Egypt are authentic symbols of that ancient civilization and have generated fascination in other later civilizations. Proof of this is that some of them are currently spread throughout other parts of the world, such as Rome, Paris, Istanbul and New York. And they have served as inspiration for the construction of new ones, in all cases as a metaphor of power, eternal memory or freedom. Therefore, in this post we show you the best examples of this unique typology.

What are the obelisks of obelisks of Egypt

The obelisks of Egypt are large stone pillars with quadrangular section and needle shape that used to be installed at the entrance of large temples of that ancient religion. There has been much debate about its true meaning, although everything suggests that it was some kind of solar symbol, perhaps in the form of petrified solar rays or as a gesture of worship to the god Ra. 

Their faces used to include hieroglyphs, often with commemorative messages promoted by pharaohs. They usually formed pairs and different types of stone were used for their construction, such as granite, basalt or quartzite. One of its great peculiarities is that they were made in a single block of stone (monoliths).

Obelisks at Karnak
Obelisks at Karnak

List of the most important obelisks preserved in Egypt

Unfortunately, many obelisks in Egypt have ended up disappearing or moving out of the country. But even today a good number of copies are still preserved in different cities. These are the most outstanding.

Obelisk of Sesostris I, Heliopolis (Cairo)

Very close to Cairo International Airport is located this obelisk that holds a record: to be the oldest preserved (twentieth century BC). It was located in the important city of Heliopolis, the main center of worship of the solar god Ra. 

Obelisk of Hatshepsut, Luxor

This obelisk is one of the many that had the set of temples of Karnak, in Ancient Thebes (present-day Luxor) specifically in the Great Temple of Amun. At almost 30 meters high, it was one of the largest in the country, in tune with the enormous proportions of this sacred precinct. 

Obelisk of Ramses II, Luxor

This obelisk is located in the other great temple of ancient Thebes: the one known as the Temple of Luxor. Its dimensions are also considerable, with a height of 25 meters. Great fame has the obelisk that matched it: the one that currently stands on the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

Obelisk of Ramses II, Cairo

Another of the many obelisks erected by this great pharaoh of the XIX dynasty. And it is also the one that travelers visiting the capital will have most at hand, Cairo It is located in the gardens of Al Masalah, on the island of Gezira.

Unfinished Obelisk, Aswan

It is probably one of the most unique and interesting to understand how Egyptian obelisks were made. Egyptian obelisks were made. It is located in the city of Aswan, which had one of the most important quarries in the country. In it is this specimen that, for some reason (perhaps a defect in the stone), was left unfinished, without being completely removed from its original block. 

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