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Diving in Alexandria: an unknown and surprising activity

In the Egipto Exclusivo blog we dedicate ample space to the practice of diving in the Red Sea.
Red Sea
It is considered one of the most fascinating places for this activity. And although most of the dives are aimed at fish sighting, you can also do the same in search of fish. wrecks sunk at the bottom of the sea. But what if it turns out that the same thing can be done on the Mediterranean coast, among the remains of shipwrecks or disasters that occurred several millennia ago? In this post we give you some keys about the practice of diving in Alexandriawhich has a lot to do with it.

Surprising news to relaunch the diving in Alexandria

Recently, a news story has gone around the world that shows the surprises that can come from diving in Alexandria. diving in AlexandriaA galley from the Ptolemaic period was discovered at the bottom of the sea, about 30 km east of the city. And the reason for her sinking was no less singular: while she was moored in port, a monument fell on her, specifically the temple of Amun in the ancient city of Thonis-Heracleion, victim of an earthquake.

Of course, this discovery has been possible thanks to the work and research of great underwater archaeologists and not of amateurs in this activity. However, it demonstrates that the underwater wealth off the Alexandrian coast is unique. 

Diving in Alexandria
Diving in Alexandria

What to see on a day of diving in Alexandria

Of course, during a day of diving in diving in Alexandria or in its surroundings you will be able to see marine fauna typical of these Mediterranean waters. For example, spectacular eagle rays or discreet moray eels hidden among reefs, as well as octopuses. 

However, what makes diving in Alexandria even more special is the diving in Alexandria are the archaeological remains that can be found at a short distance from the coast. The reason is the one mentioned above: several earthquakes submerged the city and caused entire buildings to fall into the sea, as well as sculptures that were part of its decoration. The rise in sea level during these centuries, estimated at 6-8 meters, has also contributed to this.

The most famous is the so-called Cleopatra’s Palace. Located in the very western port of the city of Alexandria, here it is possible to dive among statues of Mark Antony, sphinxes and palace areas. The Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is not far behind: although visibility underwater is poor, in the surroundings of the Qaitbay castle it is possible to contemplate stone blocks of what was once that great architectural work.

Precisely because it is a dive site with low visibility and because it is located in an area of high boat traffic, in order to dive here you will have to hire the services of companies in the sector, equipped with the best equipment and maximum experience.

And the immersion will be worth it if you hire reliable professionals. Egipto Exclusivo can take care of this, as well as any other detail related to your trip to this city.

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