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5 things to do in Siwa oasis

Not all of Egypt’s sights are on the banks of the Nile or its seas(Red or Mediterranean). If you go into the desert, you will discover the country’s oases, where vegetation and life appear as if by magic. In this post we tell you 5 things what to do in the oasis of SiwaSiwa, a destination that is usually visited as a multi-day excursion from a Mediterranean holiday destination, such as Marsa Matruh.

#1. Contact with local people

Moving away from the frenetic pace of some Egyptian cities, such as Cairo or Luxor, we find a population that is also used to living in a more relaxed way, as if time flowed more slowly. Moreover, the 30,000 or so inhabitants of this oasis are mainly Berbers and have managed to preserve one of their most valuable ethnographic treasures: their language, Siwi.

#2. Discover genuine craftsmanship 

Another important detail of Siwa’s Berber culture is the craftsmanship, with iconic items and techniques of this civilization. This is the case of costume jewelry, ceramic items such as incense burners or baskets and objects made with date palm leaves or fronds.

#3. Hot bath, something else what to do in Siwa oasis

Natural thermalism is perhaps not one of the best known aspects of Egypt’s tourism. But what little there is is concentrated in two of Egypt’s oases, as we tell you in this post. As far as Siwa is concerned, its hot springs are those of Cleopatra’s Pool, a picturesque bathing area whose waters are around 29ºC all year round. 

#4. Excursion to the Great Sand Dune

It is not a place located in Siwa itself, far from it, but this oasis is the most appropriate place from which to start this excursion, as its first foothills begin dozens of kilometers south of this oasis (it is estimated to have more than 70,000 km2 of surface). It is an erg, that is, a large sea of fine golden sand, which must be crossed in 4×4, which is an adventure experience in itself.

#5. Archaeology and the search for the past

Temple of the Oracle of Amon at Siwa
Temple of the Oracle of Amon at Siwa

And how could it be otherwise in Egypt, which is the country of archaeology par excellence, another thing to do in the oasis of Siwa to do in the oasis of Siwa is to visit ancient remains of great interest. Two stand out above all: the first and most famous, the Temple of the Oracle, to which, according to tradition, Alexander the Great went to find divine help for his campaigns; and the second, the Shali fortress. In both cases, the remains are very deteriorated, but with a little imagination, suggestion and historical documentation, it will be easy to understand the significance of what remains today.

As you can see, there are many attractions and things to do in the Siwa to do in the Siwa oasis. If you want this destination to be a fundamental part of your trip to Egypt, do not hesitate to contact our agency to set up a tailor-made package, including transportation and accommodation in this spectacular place.

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