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The MS LE FAYAN Nile cruise ship, launched in 2011, is an outstanding example of modern luxury and comfort combined with traditional Egyptian hospitality. Here is an expanded and improved description of its facilities and services:

MS Premium cruise facilities

  • Lodging:

    • Cabins and Suites: With 57 cabins and 3 suites, each room on the MS LE FAYAN is meticulously designed to offer maximum comfort. The rooms, suitable for single or double occupancy, feature floor-to-ceiling windows, providing stunning, unobstructed views of the Nile landscapes.
    • Interior Design: The interior design combines modern elegance with touches of Egyptian style, creating a cozy and luxurious atmosphere.
  • Entertainment and Relaxation Facilities:

    • Sun Deck and Pool: The sun deck is spacious and equipped with comfortable sun loungers, perfect for enjoying the Egyptian sun. The swimming pool is an ideal place to cool off and relax while enjoying the river scenery.
    • Lounges and Bar: The lounges are spacious and offer a relaxed atmosphere for socializing. The cruise bar serves a wide range of drinks and cocktails, ideal for enjoying a night under the stars.
    • Gym and Spa: For guests looking to stay in shape, the gym is well equipped with modern exercise machines. The spa offers a variety of treatments to rejuvenate body and mind.
  • Gastronomy:

    • Haute Cuisine Restaurant: The onboard restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience, with a selection of local and international dishes prepared by expert chefs.
    • Open Air Dining: For those who prefer to dine outdoors, options are available, allowing guests to enjoy their meals while soaking in the sights and sounds of the Nile.
  • Cultural and Relaxing Experience:

    • Egyptian Hospitality: MS LE FAYAN prides itself on its warm and hospitable crew, who strive to ensure that every moment on board is memorable.
    • Tranquil Atmosphere: The ship is designed to offer a peaceful and meditative cruise experience, allowing guests to unwind and immerse themselves in the serenity of the Nile.

MS LE FAYAN offers a unique Nile cruise experience, combining luxury facilities with exceptional service, guaranteeing guests an unforgettable stay on one of the world’s most iconic rivers.

Important Note: The information provided is subject to change and update. For accurate and up-to-date details on this cruise, visit the cruise line’s official website.