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What is the best month to travel to Egypt?

If you are lucky enough to be able to travel when you want to and not when your personal chores dictate it, then it will be good for you to know which is the best month to travel to Egypt. Below we give you an answer, but we anticipate that in reality it is something that depends on many factors.

May: the best month to travel to Egypt

To determine that May is the best month to travel to Egypt, we weigh two major factors:

  • The climate
  • The price of airline tickets and major tourism services

As far as the weather is concerned, May looks like a kind monthThe heat of the day will of course be hot in the central hours of the day, especially if you move in the south of the country, but it will be a bearable heat, which will become pleasant if you visit some of the Egyptian coasts, especially in the Red Sea.

As far as airline ticket prices are concerned, they tend to be somewhat lower. airline ticket prices, these are usually somewhat lower than in the United States. than in the Egyptian high season (which is from October to February) and the major holiday dates in the West (Christmas and Easter), when peak demand for travel to Egypt (and any other country) is detected. And related to the latter is the price of certain tourist services, as in the case of hotels and cruises: the greater the demand, the fewer and more expensive the places available.

It should be remembered that the low season in Egypt is the summer due to the extreme heat experienced in the country. This makes prices generally even lower, but the high temperatures and the enormous solar radiation do not allow us to qualify it as the best time to travel to Egypt.

Finally, it can be said that September and October are equivalent to MayThe temperatures are warm but bearable, without large crowds of international tourists and, therefore, at generally convenient prices. Therefore, it is also a good time to enjoy the major tourist attractions: from a visit to the Pyramids to a cruise on the Nile or a swim in the Red Sea.

But be careful: it all depends…

Although we have decided that May is the best month to travel to Egypt, it must be said that it all depends, mainly because of two factors two factors:

  • The region to visit
  • The celebration of Ramadan

There are areas where the climate is certainly differentThis means that the best month to visit them is another month. For example, on the Mediterranean coast, it can be said that the best months are the summer months, since the environment is the most favorable for swimming.

And as for Ramadan, the celebration of this month of fasting can turn a month that is theoretically favorable for traveling to a region of the country into a somewhat disappointing experience, due to the slower pace of daytime life. slower pace of daytime life that the traveler will perceive around him.

In any case, we recommend you to take a look at our page on the Egyptian Climate where we give indications on the best times to visit each region, and the one dedicated to Islam where we tell you more about Ramadan.

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