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Is it possible to visit Tutankhamun’s tomb? We tell you about it

One of the great doubts that assails those who travel to Egypt and, in particular, to Luxor is whether it is possible to visit the tomb of Tutankhamun. it is possible to visit the tomb of Tutankhamen. In this post we answer this question and give you some tips if you really want to enter the burial place of this famous pharaoh of the XVIII dynasty. 

¿Is it possible to visit Tutankhamun’s tomb??

Yes, it is possible to visit Tutankhamun’s tomb.. It is KV62 and is in the Valley of the Kings at Luxor, on the west bank of the Nile, in what was the main royal necropolis of the New Empire. 

It is one of the many that are part of this necropolis and perhaps the most famous … but perhaps not exactly the most spectacular. At least, it does not seem to be at the level of spectacularity of other tombs that mentioned on this page. The reason? That the extraordinary grave goods discovered here (more than 5,000!) were taken to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where they have been on display ever since (many of them have been moved to the present Great Egyptian Museum in Giza).

What can you find in Tutankhamun’s tomb?

In any case, if you are able to visit the tomb of Tutankhamun during your trip to Luxor, the experience is highly recommended, of course. Although the different chambers that make up the complex do not preserve the wealth of objects that Howard Carter found in 1922 when he discovered it, it is still an enchanting place.

The most important thing that is currently preserved in the tomb is precisely the mummy of the pharaoh. And that in itself is something of great value, since most of the tombs of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt have been lost over time, such as those of Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus (dynasty IV) of the Pyramids of Giza. And many of those that have been preserved now rest in state museums, such as the ones that starred in the
famous parade of 2021

It must be said that Tutankhamun’s tomb now looks much better than it did a few years ago, since a decade-long restoration process was completed in 2019. Not only were the technical tasks of cleaning and intervention in the chromatism of the decoration carried out, but also an important renovation to improve its environmental conditions, thus protecting it from the erosion caused by tourist activity.

Interior tomb of Tutankhamun
Interior tomb of Tutankhamun

Practical information for visiting the tomb of Tutankhamun

Now that you know that it is possible to visit the Tomb of TutankhamenYou may want to know some useful information to access it:

  • Hours: 6:00 am to 5:00 pm. Box office closes one hour before
  • Price: 300 Egyptian pounds (about 10 euros)
  • Where to buy tickets: at the general ticket offices of the Antiquities Service, in the area around the Colossi of Memnon. There is no option to purchase tickets online

In any case, this information may be subject to timetable changes or price updates, so we recommend that you confirm the details of your visit beforehand. And of course, we remind you that Tutankhamun’s tomb can be visited with an expert guide in Spanish, which will enhance the quality of your experience. At Egipto Exclusivo we can provide you with this service, which is included in our travel packages to the country.

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