Top 5 Egyptian movies

Is there any historical era more cinematic than Ancient Egypt? With the permission of the ever-recurring Roman Empire, probably not. Many major productions have chosen a specific moment of the pharaonic civilization to set their stories. For this reason, in this post we have decided to compile the best ones Egypt movieswhether recent or classic. So if you are thinking of visiting this country, this is a good way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere that will be constantly evoked during your trip. 

Our list of pelicles about Egypt

It is not easy to compile a list of the best Egyptian moviesThe choice is ultimately a subjective one. But we have tried to cover modern and classical productions, focusing on different moments of the pharaonic civilization. And the result is as follows:

  • Pharaoh
    (1966): it is surprising that a Polish production is among the best films about Egypt. films about Egypt Old, but that’s the way it is. In any case, although Poland has always had a close link with the archaeology of this country (see Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor), they are not really historical facts, because the protagonist (Ramses XIII) never existed as such. 
  • Sinuhé the Egyptian (1954): another great classic, based on Mika Waltari’s novel of the same name, mixing real and fictional details. It is set in one of the most fascinating and mysterious periods, the reign of Akhenaten, although its protagonist is another (Sinuhé, the pharaoh’s doctor) and his love and personal vicissitudes go far beyond, reaching Babylon or Minoan Crete.

  • The Ten Commandments
    (1956): undoubtedly one of Egypt’s Egyptian films with greater worldwide fame… and greater validity nowadays, since almost every year it is broadcasted in our channels during Easter. Charlton Heston earned a place in the cinematic Olympus playing Moses, receiving from God the Tablets of the Law, precisely on another sacred mountain: Mount Sinai, which you can discover on your next trip with Egipto Exclusivo.
  • The Mummy (1999): a corpse wrapped in bandages with aspirations of resurrection in the afterlife. Can you think of a better characterization for a horror character? Surely not, and that is why he is the ‘villain’ protagonist of this film: Imhotep, high priest of Amon. Brendan Fraser stars as former soldier Rick O’Connell, who reminds many viewers of Indiana Jones.
  • In search of the lost ark (1981): speaking of Indiana Jones, we could not fail to mention the first installment of this saga, in which Harrison Ford gives life to an archaeologist closer to the profile of the ‘treasure hunters’ who took so many pieces with them in the nineteenth century. In any case, an action-packed film  to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the archaeological sites of Ancient Egypt.

What about Cleopatra?

Finally, we make a mention to Cleopatra, because many are the films of Egypt. films about Egypt Ancient that are set in the time of this Ptolemaic pharaoh. They are so many and so famous, that we develop them more extensively in another post of this blog. His life was a real soap opera!

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