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Tips for women in Egypt

Although there is a long way to go in terms of equality, Egypt has taken important steps to combat harassment of women, such as its criminalization in 2014. However, it is always a good idea to be aware of what macho situations may arise on a trip and how they can be resolved. Therefore, in this post we give you some tips to take into account for the women in Egyptespecially those traveling alone or in female groups.

Tips for women in Egypt
Tips for women in Egypt

Ten tips for women in Egypt women in Egypt

Of course, the vast majority of Egyptians are pleasant, hospitable and respectful, but there are also some men who are out of the norm. Therefore, follow these tips to women in Egypt will save you from any surprises:

  1. Use the Metro cars reserved for women in Cairo. In addition to eliminating any unwanted situations, they are likely to be less crowded and can be a good place to engage in conversation with local women.
  2. Use cabs for women: if you need to use this means of transportation, preferably a Pink Taxi. It is a mobile app service, similar to Uber, but aimed only at women, as the drivers are also women.
  3. Your seat, better between women: if you travel by bus or any of the previous means of transport not segregated by sex, we recommend you to sit next to or between women, as you will feel more ‘tucked in’.
  4. Patience with questions: for Egyptians, it is customary to ask about the husband and children in a conversation with women in Egypt. women in Egyptwithout looking for ulterior motives. Therefore, be patient because you may be questioned about it on your trip, politely but on different occasions.
  5. Choose your outfit wisely: shorts, miniskirts, tops and tank tops are not the best way to go unnoticed. It is better to opt for longer garments, up to the elbows and knees. And if it is not uncomfortable for you, choose light but long garments, which will also be a measure of protection against the sun.
  6. A headscarf and sunglasses will also serve this dual purpose: you will avoid prying eyes and feel more protected against solar radiation.
  7. Short pants and T-shirt, also in public bathing places: for example, in hot springs or on beaches shared with the Egyptian population. This will not be necessary if you swim in the pool or on the beach of your hotel.
  8. Avoid crowds of people, especially if they are male and festive, such as those related to sports, where it would be easier to ‘hide’ in other people.
  9. Use your instinct to evaluate the ambiance of a place: if you enter, especially if you do it alone, you notice that the atmosphere is ‘heavy’, the best thing to do is to leave naturally
  10. Learn how to cut off the situation: if there comes a time when patience is not enough, implement a method to respectfully but firmly cut off the situation. Or even ask for help, as the vast majority of people around you will try to be helpful in getting you out of trouble.

As you can imagine, many of these embarrassing situations for women in Egypt were for women in Egypt can be avoided by arranging a private trip with a reliable agency. That is precisely our case: we have experience in female travel, to whom we provide private transportation and escort service as required. Therefore, you can contact Egipto Exclusivo to enjoy the country 100%.

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