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This is the Way of the Holy Family in Egypt

In recent times, pilgrimage tourism has become very fashionable, as it unites two concepts that have moved human beings since the beginning of their existence: travel and religious beliefs. In fact, the one we present here is so old that it starred the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and Baby Jesus. We are talking about the The Way of the Holy Family in Egyptwhich this country has recently promoted a lot.

What is the Holy Family Way in Egypt

The The Way of the Holy Family in Egypt is the route that takes travelers/pilgrims to the places visited by the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and the Child Jesus during the episode known as the Flight into Egypt. Inspired by other major pilgrimage routes, the government is promoting and publicizing this itinerary that integrates some 25 sites of great significance for Christians in Egypt and elsewhere.

Bleeding family Church of Abu Serga in Cairo
Abu Serga Church in Cairo

Through which places does the Camino pass?

Many of the sites on the Holy Family Way in Egypt We collect them in our page dedicated to Coptic Christianity in this country. But below we list them more or less in the order in which they will be visited by a traveler on this great route. It is a route of about 3,500 km, crossing 11 governorates. 

  • Tell el-Farma (Pelusium), in the north of the Sinai Peninsula, site of the entrance of the Holy Family into what is now Egypt.
  • Tel Basta, where Jesus performed the miracle of making the waters flow in a brook
  • Mostorod (Al Mahamma), where the Virgin Mary bathed Jesus
  • Belbeis, where the Virgin stopped to rest under a sycamore tree. Today the Tree of the Virgin is located here. 
  • Sammanoud and Saca, on the other side of the Nile, where Jesus performed miracles with water.
  • Wadi Natrun, where they practiced meditation
  • Abu Serga and the Babylon Fortress in Old Cairo, where they were sheltered in a cave.
  • Al Matariya and Ain Shams, where Jesus brought forth a well of water and where a tree called the Balsam tree flourished.
  • The Maadi, where the Holy Family boarded a sailing ship to the south.
  • Minia, where Jesus would have left the palm of his hand engraved and later a monastery was built.
  • Assiut, where they stayed for six months but, following the message of an angel in a dream to St. Joseph, they decided to return to Palestine.

As you can see, the Way of the Holy Family in Egypt is very broad, both geographically and spiritually. If you are looking for an agency specialized in religious tourism, you can contact Egipto Exclusivo to organize an experience that will surely remain in your memory and in your heart for life. Our agency can organize all the logistics of the trip so that you don’t have to worry about anything.


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