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This is the Iconic Tower, the tallest building in Africa

In this blog we not only look at the splendor of Ancient Egypt or the cultural attraction of the country today: we also focus on interesting future projects that, in a short time, will become tourist attractions for many travelers around the world. For this reason, we dedicate this article to the soon to be Africa’s tallest buildingThe Iconic Tower, which is still under construction but many details are already known, as we told you here.

What is and where is the Iconic Tower located?

The Iconic Tower, when completed, will have the honor of being the tallest building in Africa. tallest building in Africawith a height of 385 meters. In this way, it will surpass The Leonardo, located in the South African city of Johannesburg, which will be far behind, as it is about 234 meters high. 

The Iconic Tower is located in the new administrative capital which, like the skyscraper itself, is under construction. This city is located about 40 km east of Cairo. This skyscraper, which is expected to be completed by 2025, will stand out from its skyline. 

What will the tallest building in Africa’s tallest building

Despite being a modern construction, the designers of this skyscraper (Dar al-Handasah Shair & Partners) wanted to seek a link with the glorious past of the Pharaonic civilization. And they have found it in an element to which we dedicated a recent post: the obelisk. The stylized figure of this construction is partly reminiscent of those monoliths that have traditionally been considered petrified rays of the sun god, Ra. In this case, its concrete skeleton will have a metallic and glazed outer shell, with a curved design and an avant-garde look.

The Iconic Tower will have 80 floors and will have different functions. The most important part, which will occupy the first 40 floors, will be dedicated to offices, with the aim of becoming the economic cornerstone of the city, which will in turn be one of Africa’s major financial centers. Above the offices there will be 10 floors dedicated to luxury and grand luxury hotels: 5-star and 7-star. Another 30 floors will be reserved for high-end apartments. It is expected that a lookout point will be opened on the 74th floor to contemplate the panoramic views of the surroundings: the rest of the new administrative city and the desert in which it is nestled.

When the Iconic Tower becomes Africa’s tallest tallest building in Africawill also surpass other great skyscrapers in Egypt. Specifically, the Cairo Tower (187 meters, located on the capital’s Gezira Island) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building (143 meters), also in the Egyptian capital. And although it has already been somewhat displaced in this list, it is worth remembering that the Great Pyramid of Giza, with its 138 meters, was not only for a long time the most important pyramid in the world. tallest building in AfricaThe church of St. Nicholas in Hamburg (Germany) surpassed it in the world until the mid-nineteenth century, when it was surpassed by the church of St. Nicholas in Hamburg (Germany).

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