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Things you should know about camping in the Egyptian desert

Camping in the Egyptian desert is an experience that seduces many travelers. And for some, almost as much as entering a Pyramid of Giza or a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. If that is your case, you should not miss this article in which we tell you some things you need to know before embarking on it.

#1. Only overnight stays are allowed

Unlike other countries in the Sahara, where there are genuine traditional camps of a permanent nature, this is not the case in Egypt: in this country only overnight stays are allowed, i.e. setting up a tent for the night and, the next morning, dismantling it to continue the route. 

#2. Choose the right location

Although we speak generically of camping in ‘the desert of Egypt’.In fact, there are two existing deserts (the Western and the Eastern or Arabian) and, given their immensity, the variety of places to choose from is very large. It is usual to choose an environment close to an oasis to set up the tent, such as Siwa, Fayum or Farafra. But undoubtedly, the favorite places for their charm are usually those around the Bahariya Oasis: the Black Desert and the White Desert.

Demountable tents egypt
Egypt detachable tents

#3. Eat in the traditional way

Of course, your meals in the Egyptian desert will have to be on the go, as you won’t find any locals around you. But breakfast, lunch or dinner are unbeatable opportunities to eat in the traditional style, as the ancient Bedouin nomads of the desert did. Especially if the occasion arises to cook in the middle of the desert, which usually involves the preparation of a meat dish in BBQ mode. And of course, a Bedouin tea with ‘habak’, a local herb reminiscent of mint, is a must.

#4. Take advantage of this opportunity to carry out activities

If you are going to camping in the Egyptian desertDon’t just ‘look’ (something that, in itself, has a special charm). You can also ‘do’ a lot: it is common to enjoy an experience or activity within the desert trip. The options are varied: from practicing yoga or other spiritual exercises to traveling kilometers in safari mode with a 4×4 quad. Not to mention other even more innovative proposals such as sandboarding, a kind of dune bashing, something that can be done in very specific places where there are dunes, such as in Dahab.

4x4 in the Egyptian desert
4×4 in the Egyptian desert

#5. Organize it with an agency

Finally, one other thing you should do if you intend to camping in the Egyptian desert is to organize the whole trip with a reliable local agency, as in our case. With experienced and accredited personnel, you will be able to safely enjoy this experience. Language will not be a barrier and, above all, the choice of location will be the most appropriate, whether for the views of the surroundings, the convenience of access or the (relative) proximity of necessary services.

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