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Top 5 Egyptian Temples: Our Picks

Choosing the best temples of Egypt is undoubtedly a difficult decision. They are numerous and each one of them has particularities that make them worthy of a visit. In this post we encourage you to give you a list of 5, which are part of our circuits around the country.

List of the best temples in Egypt
List of the best temples in Egypt

List of the best temples of Egypt

Before listing the best temples in temples of EgyptWe will tell you a curious fact: they are all located in Upper Egypt. Why? Simply because of a chronological issue that has favored their conservation, as they are more recent. In Lower Egypt there were temples of great importance, such as the Valley Temples in the Pyramids of Giza or the temples located in Memphis, capital during the Ancient Empire, more than 4,000 years ago. But unfortunately they have not reached our days in the best conditions.

On the other hand, in the heat of Thebes, capital during the Middle Empire and the New Empire, these temples proliferated in Upper Egypt, of which important structural elements have survived. But undoubtedly, the best preserved are those of the Greco-Roman period, in many cases promoted by the Ptolemaic dynasty, eager to win the favor of the local population in this way.

Karnak Temples, Luxor

In the first place should appear the temple of Karnak, in ancient Thebes (today Luxor). Or rather, the temples of Karnak, because it was actually a great religious enclosure (the largest in Ancient Egypt) with many temples inside: Amun-Ra (of which highlights its Great Hypostyle Hall), Montu, Mut, Jonsu, Opet, Ptah ….

Luxor Temple

Linked to the enclosure of Karnak by an avenue of sphinxes was another of the best temples of Egypt. temples of EgyptThe site of Luxor, in the heart of ancient Thebes. The statues of Ramses II, one of its great promoters, the entrance obelisk and the great colonnade of Amenophis III stand out. The mosque of Abu el-Hagag, attached to the complex, also attracts attention.

Temple of Edfu

It is one of the largest and most spectacular in the country, and for this reason its visit is never missing in the program of the Nile cruises. cruises on the Nile. Its entrance pylons and huge statues dedicated to Horus stand out.

Temple of Isis in Philae, Aswan

Its beauty lies not only in its porticoes, pylons and other monumental structures, but also in its dialogue with the environment: an island in the Nile full of vegetation. The most common is to visit it as an excursion from Aswan.

Abu Simbel

Finally, another classic excursion from Aswan and which is undoubtedly among the best in Egypt. temples of EgyptAbu Simbel. They are actually two temples: one dedicated to Ramses II and the other to Nefertari, his beloved wife. They were saved in the 1960s thanks to a major recovery work promoted by Unesco, in which the complex was moved stone by stone to a higher elevation, today on the shores of Lake Nasser.

This is our list of the top 5 temples of Egyptbut we are aware that many others are missing: Abydos, Dendera and a long etcetera. So it will be a good argument for another post.

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