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These are the best churches in Cairo

There is no doubt that the mosques of Cairo are a real tourist attraction and even a source of national pride, as is clear from the fact that the most important of them decorate
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. But in the capital there are also Christian temples worth visiting for their beauty, importance and devotion among the faithful. So in this post we show you a compilation with the best ones. churches in CairoSome of them are Coptic and others are Orthodox, in case you want to visit them during your trip. Some of them, by the way, are part of the guided tours that are included in
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around the city.

La Cueva Church
La Cueva Church

Church of the Cave or of Saint Simon, the Zabbaleen church 

We begin our review of the best churches churches in Cairo by the church of La Cueva or San Simón. It is one of the most recent, but it deserves to be on this list for its spectacular location: inside a huge natural grotto of the Mokattam mountain, in the southeastern area, known for being the neighborhood of the Zabbaleen or garbage collectors, of Christian tradition. It is considered the largest in the Middle East, as its hall is a huge auditorium for several thousand people.

Church of Our Lady of Zeitoun, with Marian apparition

This, in the Zeitoun neighborhood, is also another of Cairo’s churches. churches in Cairo that have been built in recent times, specifically in the twenties of the last century. But its fame derives from what, according to many believers, was a Marian apparition in 1968, the first to be photographed. For this reason, it is one of the most popular temples in the country.

Cairo Hanging Church
Cairo Hanging Church

Hanging Church, the most ‘touristy’ of Cairo’s churches Cairo’s churches

If the other two churches in Cairo The Hanging Church is probably one of the most visited by tourists because it is located in the Coptic Quarter or El Fustat, in the historic center of the city, attached to the Fortress of Babylon. Its origins date back to the third century, although with major reconstructions in the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus, shelter of the Holy Family

This is one of the most symbolic and religiously charged churches, as it is believed to have been a refuge for the Holy Family during their flight to Egypt in the first century. Its present building was begun later, perhaps in the fourth or fifth centuries, and its architecture is a beautiful combination of red granite, wood and marble. It is located very close to the Hanging Church.

St. George's Church Cairo
St. George’s Church Cairo

St. George’s Church, with a sacred well

Another of Cairo’s churches in Cairo that are related to the Holy Family is that of St. George, where there is a well (now sealed) that could have given water to the Holy Family while it remained in Egypt. What we see today is a temple built in the tenth century and rebuilt in the twentieth century. It is located very close to the two previous ones, in the Coptic Quarter or El Fustat.

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