The mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids, solved?

As you may know, there has traditionally been a lot of mystery about the Egyptian mystery about the Pyramids of Egyptespecially around its construction. And even today some people give credence to the wildest theories, among them the one that points to extraterrestrials as the authors of the same. But a recent scientific study published in the
PNAS magazine
sheds more light on the subject… and demolishes much of all the conspiracy theories about these great monuments.
the conspiracy theories about these great monuments.
. Here we tell you the latest facts on the matter.

Water, ramps and human power to build the pyramids

What for many is the mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids is nothing more than the triumph of intelligence and work. The study reveals one of the facts that fueled this enigma: how did they manage to transport such large ashlars if they did not have cranes and other industrial machinery? 

Well: they did it on barges across the Nile river… and through a channel or arm that flowed practically at the foot of the
plateau of Giza
. Until now it was thought that they used ramps directly from the Nile, but this solution, which was indeed used, was limited to a smaller space: from the bank of the Nile to the pyramids themselves.

A channel that, with time, disappeared, as a consequence of the reduced flow of the Nile River and the fall into disuse of this water branch. This seems to be demonstrated by archaeological excavations, as well as by the analysis of the climate of the area in later centuries.

And of course, the use of tens of thousands of workers for the construction of the pyramids made the project possible, involving the mobilization of a workforce virtually unparalleled in the history of mankind.

Construction of Egyptian pyramids
Construction of Egyptian pyramids

A papyrus: beginning of the end of the mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids

The aforementioned study published in PNAS is, in fact, one more step towards fully elucidating the ‘mystery’ of the Egyptian Pyramids. the ‘mystery’ of the Egyptian Pyramids. and its construction. But there have been other discoveries on the same path before. In particular, the Diary of Mener: a papyrus discovered in 2013 and written in hieroglyphic about 4,500 years ago by the foreman of the works of the Great Pyramid. 

In this papyrus, details such as the payment of the day laborers, the allowances they received, the place of origin of the ashlars (Tura) and, above all, the method of transport are precisely detailed, which confirms what was published in the PNAS study.

All this enhances this great feat of Ancient Egypt: the construction of the Pyramids of Cheops, Kefren and Mycerinus, in colossal dimensions and without the help of today’s technological and industrial means. If you want to come in person to learn more about these monuments, let Egipto Exclusivo organize for you the excursion or tour of your next trip. Thanks to the explanations of our guides, you will no longer have to worry about mysteries in the Pyramids of Egypt.

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