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Reviews on Egypt: what other travelers say

There’s no doubt that in this interconnected world, knowing the experiences of other travelers is easy and useful. Therefore, we have prepared this post with reviews about Egypt and its current situation, as well as reviews about our own agency, so you can travel more peacefully to this dream destination.

Reviews about the country

Compiling reviews about Egypt is a titanic task that would never end, as millions of tourists visit it each year and share their experience with others through social networks and Internet forums. Two of them are and the Facebook group Travel to Egypt.

Just take a look at them to see that the opinions of returning travelers are always positive: although some express certain ‘cons’, such as the cultural shock of widespread tipping, most highlight the beauty of its monuments and landscapes, as well as the extraordinary value for money of the destinations.

Reviews related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

At the time of writing this content (November 2023), the conflict between Hamas and Israel was fully active and led many travelers to wonder about the security situation in Egypt, as it shares borders both with Israel and Gaza through the Sinai Peninsula.

Therefore, it is particularly interesting to read the experiences of those who have traveled and just returned from the area. Here are some testimonies:

Laura Barral Juárez, on November 6, 2023, in the Facebook group Travel to Egypt: The situation there is currently normal, there are many tourists and security, at no time have I felt insecurity or danger. It has been a fascinating trip and I do not regret having gone at all. However, it is clear that the situation in Gaza and Israel is unpredictable and no one knows what may happen tomorrow. Anyway, Egypt is a mediator country that does not want to enter into conflict. This is what I have experienced during an incredible week

Dolores22, on November 7, 2023, in Los Viajeros: We just returned yesterday I reiterate what the other travelers from the forum say!! Total security!! In Cairo, there was more police control but no danger is perceived. Thank goodness we decided to go, it was very worthwhile. A fantastic family trip. Everything went as expected.

Reviews about Egipto Exclusivo

Another common comment in these and other forums about the country is the need to have a trustworthy agency to organize the trip. And Egipto Exclusivo is one of the most highly rated by its users, as shown by our TripAdvisor profile, with an Excellent rating (5 out of 5). Here we collect some of the latest testimonials:

  • Juan Carlos P, in October 2023: Egypt in good hands. It has been an incredible trip! The agency has helped us from the hiring in a very professional way, they have made life in Egypt very easy for us, so we can just concentrate on enjoying the beauty and history of this country. At each destination, they have been attentive to us. A special mention to our guide in Luxor, Mohamed Ali, who has made us enjoy from Aswan to Luxor in an exclusive, professional way and with his passion for the history of Egypt, he has undoubtedly left a mark on us, a 10. The agency is highly recommendable. Thanks to everyone and especially to Yasmine, who has been on WhatsApp at all times ready to answer doubts and help.
  • Eliana B, in July 2023: Excellent service!!! We traveled as a family. The whole organization and the tour were incredible!!! The guides are very knowledgeable, especially Mohamed in Luxor. The person who attended us, Hagar, was aware of us all the time and helped us a lot. When we return to Egypt, without a doubt, we will do it with this agency.

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