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Paddle surfing or SUP on the Nile, is it possible?

Is it possible to paddle surf or SUP in the Nile? This water sport has become very fashionable in recent years, not only for its health benefits but also for its appeal as a leisure experience in itself. In this post we answer this question and give you more details about it.

Yes, you can paddle surf on the Nile

Paddle surfing, also known as stand up paddle surfing or SUP (Stand Up Paddle), is an aquatic sport in which the user navigates standing on a board similar to a surfing board (although not the same) and is propelled by means of an oar. Its practice is an exercise of balance and serves to strengthen the arms and the entire upper body.

Its practice has become popular in all types of water bodies, whether natural or artificial. And among them are the rivers. It is therefore logical to wonder if it is possible to paddle surf in the Nile. The answer is “yes, you can”, because this mythical river has also reached the fever for this sport, emulating what can already be done in other great rivers of the world, such as the Seine in Paris or the Guadalquivir in Seville.

Where to SUP on the Nile

Having solved the doubt, it remains to know where you can paddle surf on the Nile, since this river is the largest in Africa and in Egypt alone runs for about 1,500 km in length. The good news is that there are different places where it is possible to practice this activity.

Aswan-Luxor, the star section

And like most water activities on the Nile, you’ll find it easier to SUP on the stretch from Aswan to Luxor. It is a stable stretch, where the motorboats of the cruise ships circulate, but also the sailing boats, such as the dahabiya and the faluccas, the latter being smaller. The Aswan Dam, located kilometers upstream, favors the smooth and stable flow of the river, and if you paddle in that direction (Aswan-Luxor), you paddle downstream, which facilitates the experience.

And unlike the first stretches of the Nile in sub-Saharan countries, here there is no risk of encountering dangerous aquatic fauna, such as crocodiles.

The most experienced and sporty dare to take the same route as the sailing cruises, with stops at iconic places such as the temple of Kom Ombo, the ancient quarries of Gebel el Silsila or the natural island of Gezeret Elshbeka, even reaching Edfu.

However, the less experienced or even beginners can make small excursions in the surroundings of the city in question. For example, in Aswan, reaching the Elephantine Island or the Nubian village.

Cairo, a (now) feasible option

The Nile River is another major tourist attraction for the capital, Cairo. Its central island, Zamalek, is one of the trendiest neighborhoods, with premium leisure spaces. And taking a boat trip is an experience that many travelers include in their program.

Fortunately, recently there are also yacht clubs that offer the possibility of paddle surfing on the Nile as it passes through the capital. In this case, as activities of short duration, but sufficient to contemplate this megalopolis from another point of view, with the Cairo Tower standing out in the silhouette of the western shore.

In addition to all this, of course, there is the possibility of paddle surfing in the coastal cities of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, as we indicated in other posts of our blog.

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