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New flight barcelona to sharm el sheikh: the details

Great news for Spanish travel enthusiasts and, in particular, lovers of Egypt and the Red Sea: the Spanish airline Vueling has unveiled a new flight route to a highly appealing destination: a flight from Barcelona to Sharm el Sheikh. Not only will residents from both cities benefit, but numerous travelers can also use this connection as a layover, given that the Spanish airport hosts a multitude of domestic and international flights. In this post, we dive into the specifics.

What This New Air Connection Means

The Barcelona to Sharm El Sheikh flight stands as the only direct link between Spain and this Red Sea destination. Consequently, for those keen on this route, the primary advantage is sheer convenience and time-saving: with a stopover, the total journey duration seldom drops below 8 hours. However, this direct route completes the journey in just 4 hours and 25 minutes.

Furthermore, this time saving doesn’t necessarily translate to a higher ticket cost: the Spanish airline Vueling is budget-friendly, implying that their flights are often more affordable, especially when opting out of certain onboard services. Hence, even though it’s a long-distance trip, the average prices are rather reasonable and not necessarily pricier than journeys with one or more stopovers.

Details of the Barcelona to Sharm el Sheikh Flight

The new Barcelona to Sharm el Sheikh flight will commence operations on Saturday, 2nd of December, and is set to have a weekly frequency: at least initially, it will only fly on Saturdays. Departure from Barcelona is slated for the morning, while the return flight from Sharm el Sheikh will set off in the early afternoon.

While it might seem like a limited frequency, when structured this way, it is conducive for planning a week-long vacation at the Red Sea, adequate for relishing the beach’s relaxation, the water activities this destination offers, and even for embarking on excursions around the Sinai Peninsula or mainland Egypt.

Sharm el Sheikh: A Red Sea Gem to Explore

Traveling to Sharm el Sheikh is an excellent choice even for residents of Barcelona and its vicinity: even though the Catalan capital is coastal, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea hold significant distinctions.

First off, the climate: owing to its more southern latitude and its desert surroundings (southern Sinai Peninsula), Sharm el Sheikh boasts warmer temperatures year-round, which is ideal for a sun and beach getaway even during the European winter.

The water traits are also unique: the beaches of this Egyptian city offer crystalline waters, minimal waves, and flat coastlines, allowing swimmers to venture away from the shore while still being able to touch the bottom.

To top it all off, these elements pave the way for uncovering its extraordinary underwater bounty: Sharm el Sheikh stands as a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise, boasting a variety of marine species hard to match elsewhere – colorful fishes, corals, sharks, turtles, and even wrecks. Some of its most iconic diving spots include Near, Middle, and Far Garden, as well as the pristine and breathtaking natural sites of the Ras Muhammad National Park.

So, if you reside in Spain, especially in Catalonia, and have a longing to venture to the Red Sea, the Barcelona to Sharm el Sheikh flight could be the optimal choice for you, both in terms of convenience and value.

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