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Great Egyptian Museum of Giza: the figures of this ‘pharaonic’ space

The term ‘pharaonic’ is perfectly applicable to the Great Egyptian Museum at Giza. Not only because it houses and exhibits numerous works related to the pharaohs of all the dynasties of Ancient Egypt, but also because it fits the meaning attributed to it by the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language (DRAE). That is, “grandiose, lavish”. In this post we give you some facts that explain it clearly and that, undoubtedly, will impress Egyptologists, Egyptologists and tourists in general, especially those interested in culture.

Almost 50 hectares of land

The Great Egyptian Museum at Giza is the largest archaeological museum in the world in terms of surface area. In total, the site occupies some 480,000 m2, or about 50 hectares. To understand it better: it is about three times the size of the Metropolitan Museum in New York and occupies almost half the surface of the Retiro Park in Madrid.

A facade of about 60 meters

The façade, which is the first element that the visitor sees at the Great Egyptian Egyptian Museum at Giza, has colossal dimensions: some 60 meters high according to different sources, which is, for example, somewhat less than the skyscrapers built in Europe in the first decades of the 20th century. Its material is calcite, a translucent Egyptian alabaster.

More than 100,000 archaeological objects

The Great Egyptian Museum at Giza has been receiving thousands of archaeological pieces from excavations and other museums throughout the country. According to some sources, this number would already exceed 100,000 objects, making it a container of highly valuable pieces.

18,000 pieces on display

Despite its enormous dimensions, it is impossible to exhibit to the public all the archaeological pieces preserved in it. However, the exhibition capacity of its rooms is much greater than that of other museums. It is estimated that close to 20,000 pieces will be displayed, which would double the capacity of the aforementioned Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Location of the Great Egyptian Museum of Giza
Location of the Great Egyptian Museum of Giza

Other facts about the Great Egyptian Museum at Giza

These are other data that speak of the magnitude of the project of the Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza:

  • 1,557 applications received from architectural firms from more than 80 different countries. A sample of the global scope of the project and of Ancient Egyptian culture in general. It was eventually won by Heneghan Peng
  • The economic figures are difficult to quantify and verify, but some sources speak of more than $500 million for the construction and more than $1 billion for the whole project.
  • A duration of two decades: such a colossal work requires time, a lot of time. This project began in 2002, with the announcement of the competition, and is now reaching 2022 with only a few details to be completed.

Undoubtedly, the Great Egyptian Museum of Giza will be an important pole of attraction for visitors, complementary to the esplanade of the necropolis with the famous Pyramids. Therefore, if you want to organize your visit in depth with expert and reliable staff, do not hesitate to contact Egipto Exclusivo.

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