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Flights from Valencia to Luxor & Cairo

Valencians and, in general, all the citizens of the Spanish Levante region are in luck: a new flight is now available from flight Egypt Valencia to connect the country of the Pharaohs with this region of the Iberian Peninsula. And in these lines we explain which city is the origin/destination of the route, which company is in charge of managing it and what other important details you should know: frequency, duration, etc.

How is the route of the Egypt Valencia flights

The company chartering these new flights flights Egypt Valencia is the Egyptian Air Cairo, which in 2022 has made a strong commitment to Spain by expanding its routes to other cities in the country (Bilbao and Malaga). It does not have as large a route portfolio as EgyptAir, but neither can it be considered a low-cost carrier. 

What is striking is that these flights Egypt Valencia flights do not originate/destine at the airport of Cairo.
airport, which is the largest in the country, but they connect with the airport of
. Although not as large as Cairo, this airport is also increasing the number of international connections, attracted by the spectacular temples of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. It is also the airport of reference for direct travel to Upper Egypt, through which the Nile cruises run.

In any case, Luxor and Cairo are two cities very well connected by air, so you can buy a ticket with a stopover in Luxor to reach the Egyptian capital. In this way, you can discover the attractions of the city, such as its spectacular mosques or the Egyptian Museum, or go to the nearby
Pyramids of Giza

Aerial view of the Red Sea
Aerial view of the Red Sea

Frequency, duration and other details

There is no fixed frequency for these trips trips to Egypt from Valenciawith origin and destination in Luxor. They have been operational since the fall of 2022 and flight availability tends to be higher around peak dates, such as Christmas. The duration of these flights is approximately 6 hours and 15 minutes, and they are carried out in Airbus A320. 

In addition, it should be noted that the opening of this new flight line between Egypt and flights between Egypt and Valencia Air Cairo not only aims to attract visitors to the country, but also to transport travelers to Spain. Therefore, you can also take into account the Egyptian holidays and vacation periods of its citizens, since there may be a greater supply of seats at that time.

We remind you that Egipto Exclusivo does not include international flights in its packages, but you can contact us if you are planning a trip to Egypt from Valencia. trip to Egypt from ValenciaWe will advise you on the different options to get to the country and, above all, we will plan a tailor-made package for you to enjoy all the attractions of Egypt, which is not only limited to the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings, but also to other amazing places such as the
Red Sea
or the sacred sites around the
Lake Nasser

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