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Dervish dance: what is it and where to see it?

On any trip to a foreign country, it is very enriching to include a folkloric show in the program. In this way, the aim is to discover the local tradition a little better, in a visual and entertaining way. That is precisely what those who attend a show will achieve. dance of the dervishesand in this post we tell you what it consists of and where it is possible to witness one.

What is the dervish dance

The dance of the dervishes is a traditional dance of the Muslim world, specifically linked to Sufism and promoted by the ascetics of this religious movement. It is believed to have very ancient origins, even before the Christian era, as its roots go back to Persian culture. In fact, it can be witnessed not only in Egypt, where it is often called Tannoura, but also in other countries where the Persian influence is more evident, such as Iran or Turkey, in whose culture this dance is even more deeply rooted. 

The first thing that strikes the spectator witnessing the dervish dance is the dance of the dervishes is their movement: during practically the entire show, the dancers turn on themselves, dressed in colorful, frilly dresses that create spectacular visual shapes during the spinning movement. And this continuous turn has an explanation: with it, the dancers seek to reach an altered state of consciousness that brings them closer to mystical ecstasy. 

Dervish show in Egypt
Dervish show in Egypt

Where and how to see a show

The most common way to attend a dervish dance dervish dance is through the modality of dinner + show. In this way, the show starts during or after a traditional dinner where you can taste typical dishes of the region. Egyptian cuisine.

There are several places where it is possible to enjoy a show of these characteristics. For example, in Cairo the dance floor, especially in restaurants that have a large open space where a stage can be set up to facilitate the dancing of this group of dancers. They are usually held in central locations, such as the wikala Al Ghouri, very close to the Jan el-Jalili market. In other cases, they take place in gardens with spectacular backdrops, such as the Alabaster Mosque.

Luxury cruise ships are other places where this dance can be witnessed. Equipped with several floors, the motorboats always have a large ballroom or a large dining room in which it is possible to organize all kinds of performances, such as, for example, the dervish dance.

Therefore, if one of your great illusions is to make a cruise on the Nile cruise on the Nile If you are planning a cruise on the Nile, check if the travel program includes a show with the dance of the dervishesthat will make one of your dinners even more special. And if you plan to stay on the mainland, attend one of the shows scheduled in the capital, Cairo.

In both cases, Egipto Exclusivo will be able to help you choose and book this show that will remain engraved in your memory. In addition, we can manage other details of the day, such as hotel pick-up.

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