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6 reasons to visit Alexandria

Alexandria is not always included in the major tours of Egypt, although it has much to offer the traveler. That is why, in this post we want to give you 6 reasons why it is worth it visiting Alexandriaespecially in the form of an excursion from Cairo, which is the most common.

Proximity to the capital

Visiting Alexandria From Cairo it won’t take you long to travel, as they are less than 220 km away by road. This is a very affordable distance considering the long distances that are covered in some tours in Egypt, as it is a very large country.

Well connected to Cairo

The proximity to Cairo, the large number of inhabitants of both cities and the economic importance of each make the connections between the two cities fluid. By road, of course, via Highway 75, one of the best and most used in the country, which runs along the west side of the Nile Delta. But there are also numerous bus lines, a train route and even domestic flights between the two airports.

City of Alexandria
City of Alexandria

Very different from the rest of the country

As you already know if you are an experienced traveler, often the interesting thing is not in the similarity, but in the difference, in the diversity. And Alexandria is very different from the rest of the country and Cairo in particular. The capital is the hinge between Upper and Lower Egypt, is bathed by the Nile River and notes the influence of the surrounding desert, in aspects such as climate and customs. Alexandria, on the other hand, can be considered the most Mediterranean city in the country.

A different kind of archaeological tourism

If you like archaeology and Egyptology, there is no doubt that on your trip to Egypt you will enjoy it to the fullest. Tours of the country usually include, necessarily, visits to great monuments of the Pharaonic era, such as the Pyramids of Giza, Abu Simbel or the Valley of the Kings of ancient Thebes, in Luxor. But if you do not only want to focus on that historical period and want to know other key moments in the history of Egypt, visit Alexandria is a perfect choice. In particular, it will be an enriching excursion to learn more about the periods of Greek and Roman domination, especially the former. 

It should be remembered that the city was founded by Alexander the Great, hence its name, and the Ptolemaic dynasty that followed moved the capital here. For this reason, there are numerous archaeological remains from that period and great monuments that can be evoked, such as the Lighthouse or the Library, as well as characters that have left their mark, with Cleopatra at the head. And from Roman times are the extraordinary catacombs of Kom al-Sufaga.

Library of Alexandria
Library of Alexandria

The always pleasant greeting of the sea

For the Cairenes and for the inhabitants of the Nile in general, the Mediterranean coast is the preferred holiday destination. Marsa Matruh is the most famous, no doubt, and Alexandria is not comparable to this city, as it does not have comparable beaches and hotels. However, walking with the sea as a companion is always a most pleasant experience.

Alexandria Gastronomy
Alexandria Gastronomy

A gastronomy of its own

Finally, if you are going to visit Alexandriawill not disappoint you on the gastronomic level, as you would expect from a city bathed by the Mediterranean. In fact, in its many specialized restaurants you can taste some of the best Egyptian dishes based on fish and seafood: squid, mullet, sole or large prawns are some of the best local offerings.

These are just a few reasons to visit to visit AlexandriaSo if you need a reliable agency to plan a tour of this city, contact Egipto Exclusivo. We organize tours for those who spend a few days here or for those who wish to make excursions from Cairo and other places.

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