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5 things that make a Red Sea vacation special

Many of Egipto Exclusivo’s customers come from Spain and Latin America, specifically from countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Chile, to cite a few examples. Coastal tourist destinations are abundant and very beautiful. So it’s easy to think: “why spend a few days in Red Sea vacations when there are extraordinary places close to home? And without denying the veracity of the latter, we believe that the Egyptian coastline is different from everything else and therefore well worth a trip in depth to discover its attractions. That is precisely what we try to explain in this article.

Diving in the Red Sea
Diving in the Red Sea

Incomparable diving

The first great incentive to spend a vacation in the vacations in the Red Sea is diving. Here you will find some of the best dive sites in the world, such as the Blue Hole in Dahab, the Ras Muhammad National Park near Sharm El Sheikh or the Giftun Islands in Hurghada. In addition, the water temperature is always optimal (about 26 ºC) and the average visibility is very high (between 20 and 27 meters). And of course, the species to be sighted are spectacular: dolphins, hammerhead sharks, dugongs, butterfly fish… and of course, historic shipwrecks.

Vacation in the Red Sea
Vacation in the Red Sea

Red Sea vacationsfor the low season

For practical purposes, the Red Sea is ideal for a sun and beach vacation in the low season. When the cold reigns in other latitudes, whether in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere, Red Sea tourist destinations will enjoy good weather, as it rarely averages less than 15°C in the coldest months.

Experiences in the desert

Inland, the Red Sea is dominated by desert landscapes where it is possible to enjoy all kinds of activities. These include 4×4 excursions and off-road vehicles such as buggies and quads. It is also possible, among other options, to live with Bedouin tribes or plan astronomical journeys taking advantage of the clear skies and the scarce light pollution of this place.

Pilgrimage to Sinai Red Sea
Pilgrimage to Sinai Red Sea

A springboard for the best religious excursions

Spending a vacation in the Red Sea also allows you to organize truly unforgettable cultural experiences. For example, religious women. On the one hand, for Jewish travelers in the Sinai Peninsula, since from the southern resorts you can travel to Mount Horeb in just two hours. And on the other hand, for Christian travelers, who can visit not only Mount Sinai but also other sites of great tradition, such as the Monastery of Santa Catalina or the monasteries of San Antonio and San Pablo, the latter from the mainland coast.

Ancient Egypt
Visiting Ancient Egypt on Vacation

Ancient Egypt, a stone’s throw away

And finally, the sun and beach destinations of the Red Sea can boast Ancient Egyptian monuments just 3.5 hours away. That is the duration of a trip between, for example, Hurghada and Luxor or Marsa Alam and Edfu.

For all these reasons, there are plenty of reasons to spend a vacation in the Red Sea. Red Sea vacations. If you also want to live this experience, trust Egipto Exclusivo to organize your trip.

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